SUPERIOR, Wis. “A classroom on the water?” Students at the University of Wisconsin-Higher can expect to conduct their research on the lake by spring 2024.

Those enrolled in the Lake Superior Research Institute at UWS will have the opportunity to study directly on the waves.

A 65-foot aluminum catamaran is being adapted to become the “superior floating class”. The ship will be fully equipped with research laboratories and diving platforms.

Students will be able to use this equipment to collect and analyze water samples directly from Lake Superior. The space will also have full internet access.

The director of the Lake Superior Research Institute tells us that the main mission of the boat will be the education and awareness of students.

“It’s designed to do research, but we really like to focus on the stewardship kind of stuff, training and teaching people about environmental issues, water quality issues and letting them know what a valuable resource we have. in our backyard,” manager Matt Teneyck said.

Once the crews finish fitting the boat in Louisiana, it will sail to Superior.

The floating classroom will then be moored at the Lake Superior Research Institute research facility on the Montreal wharf near Barker Island.