An introduction to the ship interview

Browsing through the amazing artwork coming out of the Tezos community, you’ll likely come across the Ships series, created by Jake Gumbleton. Being a huge sci-fi fan, I was immediately drawn to the stunning and captivating imagery that tells a desperate story of human survival on an alien planet.

The Vessels series, released entirely as NFT via Hicetnunc, reveals a story about the remains of future humanity forced to migrate to a distant alien planet to escape an Earth that could no longer sustain life.

Vessel’s intricate and meticulously detailed futuristic depictions capture a dark, brooding, and fascinating alien environment. The compositions are skillfully crafted in a way that contrasts an eclectic mix of characters in stark contrast with their aging futuristic high-tech machines they cling to in order to survive.

Pirates, robot pilots, “gang girls”, aristocrats, mutants, witches and even the queen herself show an intense determination that is often seen in those who have been through difficult times. . Facial scars, jewelry, clothing, uniforms, high-tech gear, and other stark details reveal the story of the conflicted remnants of humanity struggling to prevail in their dire circumstances.

While some of the background can be gleaned from the brilliant and insightful details that accompany the designs, the story is mostly revealed through the images themselves. From the giant spaceship “Hulk” that brought the colonists to their alien home, to the absolutely breathtaking “Puffin” that features an aging fishing robot, Vessels serves up the ultimate feast for the imagination.