Grand luxury yachts have long been a place of relaxation for their owners, but many have upgraded their superyachts with luxury executive offices where they can work undisturbed in privacy and comfort.

Until relatively recently, superyacht owners were limited in the amount of work they could do from their yachts, which were probably most often moored when doing work or business on board.

But as the world changes, more and more people are connecting more easily to workplaces or businesses. The idea of ​​conducting a conference call from the middle of the ocean becomes a more realistic circumstance.

Good design, tailored to individual tastes, is what helps these workaholics achieve the best results. A superyacht office should offer an aesthetic that encourages thought and productivity.

The design of an onboard office is entirely dependent on the tastes and experiences of the owner. While most superyacht builders will custom fit out a superyacht’s office in close communication with the buyer, it’s good to assess the options available and consider how other owners have fitted out their maritime executive spaces.

Below are examples of luxurious executive offices aboard some of the world’s most expensive and impressive superyachts, where polished wood grain, gold fittings and striking paintwork are the norm.



  • – 83.5 meters
  • – Interior design: CG Design
  • – About. A$203 million
  • – Built in 2015

The 83.5m superyacht Savannah was owned by Swedish-Canadian billionaire Lukas Lundin until his death earlier this year. His company, Lundin Mining, made a fortune exploring for natural gas in Oman in the 1970s, when Lukas’ father Adolf was at the helm.

When built by Feadship in 2015, Savannah was hailed as the first-ever true hybrid superyacht, extracting power via three generators to power her lithium-ion battery banks, saving 30% on fuel costs. Lundin’s experience in the mining industry led him to commission a yacht using the most advanced electric technology available.

Designed by French firm CG Design, Savannah’s office oozes class and features custom cabinetry, wood paneling, modern furniture, and sleek metallic shards that pop between polished surfaces. A comfortable day bed means an afternoon nap can refresh you from the scheduled elements of your day.

Source: CGDesign

Lady Moura

Bloom + Voss

  • – 105 meters
  • – Interior design: Luigi Sturchio
  • – About. A$181 million
  • – Built in 1990

Earlier this year, the 105-meter Lady Moura was sold by a Saudi billionaire to Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, owner of Grupo Elektra, Banco Azteca, TV Azteca and Mazatlán FC. The tycoon once aired a Liga MX football match alongside the Mexican presidential debate in May 2012 on his channel after posting on Twitter: “If you want to see the debate, watch it on Televisa; otherwise, watch the match on TV Azteca. I’ll give you the grades the next day,” despite pleas that he not do so.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Pliego’s superyacht Lady Moura features stunningly glamorous interiors where no expense has been spared for an opulent executive office. It is more like an executive meeting space, where communication and ideas are encouraged and all parties are made to feel comfortable and impressed.

The office’s lavish furnishings are reminiscent of the workspace of a high-profile New York CEO. Dark wood is offset by emerald green curtains in front of large windows giving the space elegance while glamorous Art Deco lighting lends sophistication. It is one of the most spectacular examples of an executive office on a superyacht.

Executive Office of Lady Moura
Source: Superyacht Times


Vosper Thorncroft

  • – 77 meters
  • – Interior design: Redman Whitely Dixon Yacht Design
  • – About. A$72.5 million
  • – Built in 2004, refitted in 2013

The M5 single-mast sailing superyacht is owned by Texas billionaire Rodney Lewis. Born near Laredo, South Texas, the 68-year-old CEO made his fortune in oil and gas drilling. A keen collector of WWII aircraft, Lewis owns 30 vintage warplanes as well as private jets, including a Dassault Falcon 7X and a Cessna Citation X. Lewis is involved in numerous charitable causes and has been awarded the Angel Award of Hope for her work at her home in Webb County, Texas.

When Lewis was considering building a sailboat in 2008, he quickly discovered how difficult it was to find a builder willing to take on the project. With the motor yacht market so hot, it became clear that a complete refit of an existing hull was the only feasible option. After discussing his wishes with renowned sailboat designer Ron Holland, Lewis came across the 75-metre Mirabella V, which he initially found too large.

In the end, Lewis decided to go ahead and refit the largest one-masted sailing ship in the world. Her interiors were designed with assistance from UK-based Redman Whitely Dixon Yacht Design and overseen by Canada-based Ron Holland.

Including a bookcase, this executive desk is elegant and functional. New overheads and flooring make the most of the shape of a single-mast sailing yacht to allow the bright office to fulfill its function as a place for research and study. Clean lines and the classic color palette of light wood with navy white walls give added weight to the beige pillows and dark leather lounge chair.

Source: RWD


Abeking and Rasmussen

  • – 80 meters
  • – Interior design: Winch Design
  • – About. A$174 million
  • – Built in 2019

Excellence, an 80-meter superyacht built by German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen in 2019, is owned by billionaire Boston car dealer Herb Chambers. Serving as an aviation electrician in the military in his younger years, Chambers made US$80 million from the sale of a copier business he started in 1983. He then bought a few car dealerships in Boston where he had received poor service, thinking he could improve. their profits.

Herb Chambers Companies now owns 60 auto dealerships in the Boston area and employs 2,500 people. Chambers likes to invest in exotic cars and said his favorite was a 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spider which he owned in the 1980s. He has owned six superyachts over the years, including a 94 Mangusta and a 47-meter Feadship.

My business continued to do well, so I had a bigger boat, and a bigger boat, and a bigger boat, and between all those boats I probably owned half a dozen cigarettes, two or three Magnums and a Formula. I have always had this passion for boats. I love them.

Herb Chambers said International Boat

With interiors from renowned London firm Winch Design, Excellence’s onboard office gives us clues as to what the superyacht owner had in mind for his expedition-based work schedule. Minimal, functional and uncluttered, the office, along with the other rooms aboard Excellence, features clean, modern contemporary interiors displaying neutral tones and a purposeful use of glass and wood. The office seems to be a perfect place to work. Charismatic American artwork is featured throughout the ship and recessed lighting means interior spaces are softly lit at night.

Superyacht offices
Source: Burgess Yachts



  • – 70 meters
  • – Interior design: Studio Indigo
  • – About. A$116 million
  • – Built in 2016

The 70m superyacht Joy is owned by Indian billionaire Sameer Gehlaut who started the financial services firm Indiabulls Group. In 2021, Indiabulls was acquired by online investment platform Groww for A$2.437 billion. Gehlaut entered the Forbes billionaires list in 2019 and was reportedly worth more than A$2.79 billion that year.

Joy was built in 2016 by Feadship with interiors by Studio Indigo based in Chelsea, London. It has an elevator serving all five decks, wellness facilities and an Asian-inspired office. The bonsai is the focal point of the room and the space is transformed by access to a private terrace that unfolds mechanically.

Dark and light blended shades of wood textures pair perfectly with clean, soft lines and an understated color palette to help this desk on board lend itself to intricate work where focus on the task at hand is important. This stylish office provides a place of quiet solitude to reflect on the business and direction of one of India’s most successful financial services companies.

Office on board the superyacht Joy
Source: Feadship



  • – 88.5 meters
  • – Interior design: Sam Sorgiovanni
  • – About. A$217 million
  • – Built in 2017

Barbara’s huge office on board leaves very little to be desired. The 88.5-meter superyacht features a window overlooking a glass-bottom swimming pool that casts dancing light across its polished surfaces, giving the space a sophisticated character. This executive space benefits from a strong connection with the ocean, essential for the impression it has on those who use it.

Designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, feelings of grandeur are unmissable thanks to the 3.5 meter high ceilings and automated sliding glass doors. The largest office Oceanco has ever fitted on a superyacht opens to give even more heft to the expansive welcoming area. It provides the perfect place for important meetings and thoughtful decisions and allows more fresh air to flow into the spacious room when open.

Balconies on either side mean the feeling of space and freedom inside Barbara’s onboard office is unparalleled, the perfect place for the owner to keep an eye on his belongings.

Barbara’s office | Source: Boat International

Fancy Nautica caught up with Sam Sorgiovanni at the recent Sydney International Boat Show to get a glimpse of his inspiration and the challenges he faces in his unique work.