PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – It’s not just a fantasy anymore. An eyesore visible from the Portsmouth and Norfolk seafronts is finally being removed.

People have been waking up for nearly a year to the site of a sunken ship in the Elizabeth River.

10 Andy Fox of On Your Side reported on Mike Provost’s efforts with Foundation for disposal of ships and waste to have derelict ships removed from the Virginia Beach waterways. Now he’s having one removed from the Elizabeth River on the Portsmouth side.

The process began Monday morning.

The process of removing the derelict vessel Fantasy London from the Elizabeth River began on Monday September 19. (Photo courtesy of Robert Field)

He credits 10 On Your Side for helping connect the dots to find the owner to grant permission to Provost’s partners H&H companies and Lynnhaven Navy to do the job. Not just one boat, but maybe a second one too.

This follows Your Side’s 10 investigations into these horrors and what is being done to eliminate them.

It’s called a Clam Shell bucket excavator and it’s attached to the end of a crane. It gnaws what needs to be gnawed, and in this case, Vessel Fantasy is gnawed.

For months it was abandoned, and now the Vessel Disposal Reuse Foundation targeted him as his next victim to be taken out.

“Since opening in December 2021 at this time, we have removed 12 derelict vessels and over 100,000 pounds of hazardous debris removed from our waterways, and we have recycled 10,000 pounds of metal,” said Vessel’s Mike Provost. Disposal Reuse Foundation.

Doing the heavy lifting is H&H companies and the guarantee of this ship removal is Lynnhaven Navy.

10 On Your Side put Provost in contact with the owner of the Fantasy who agreed to remove it. We agreed not to mention his name, and he agreed to sign the contract that allowed Provost to proceed with the move.

“For the foundation, we always obtain written authorization by contract from the owner before proceeding. I am not here to report to anyone. I am here to eliminate environmental risks. This is done at no cost to the owner, and I’m just glad we can help with this project. »

10 On Your Side also connected Provost with the owner of “It’s All Good” located next door to Fantasy.

“So it’s a 40ft aluminum boat that’s burned to the water. We’re waiting for the signing to move forward, but once it’s signed we hope to end the project, hopefully Tuesday,” Provost said.

It should also be noted that Provost and H&H Enterprises do all the work at no cost to taxpayers.