While his most common ship is played by Mark Pellegrino, Supernatural‘s Lucifer has moved over the years, inhabiting several people. Supernatural was a show where Sam and Dean Winchester dealt with demons from the start, but in season 4 a game changer came with the introduction of angels into the mix. Castiel was the first angel to get involved in the life of the Winchesters, but he would be far from the last. And to think about it, Sam and Dean didn’t even believe angels were real.

The introduction of sent angels Supernatural in the direction of a biblical apocalypse, pitting the arch-angel Michael against his brother, the fallen arch-angel Lucifer. The big problem in this story was of course the human ships desired by the two angels, Dean for Michael and Sam for Lucifer. While the apocalypse ended up being one of many the Winchesters avoided, it was not without consequences, most notably poor Adam Winchester trapped in Lucifer’s cage after becoming Michael’s ship.


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Aside from visions of a mentally broken Sam in Season 7, Lucifer would lie dormant for many years, finally picking up the course of Season 11. Over time, Lucifer has become one of the most memorable antagonists of all time. Supernatural, and also carried many ships. Here is the full list.

Nick Vaught (Mark Pellegrino)

Nick is convinced by Lucifer to consent to be his ship after Nick’s family is murdered. He serves as Lucifer’s backup host until Sam finally gives in at the end of Season 5. It is revealed in subsequent seasons that Lucifer orchestrated the death of Nick’s family, to make it easier. To manipulate. Of course, this happened after an unhinged Nick embarked on a wave of murders, seemingly forever tainted by having been under the influence of Lucifer. Nick is eventually killed by Jack, after going mad without Lucifer to control him. Mary Winchester was not thrilled with this decision, yelling at Jack, leading him to accidentally kill her in a moment of rage.

Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki)

Sam was always meant to be Lucifer’s true vessel in his doomsday fight with Michael, but Sam flatly refused. After finally giving in, he was able to turn Lucifer on and force them both into the cage at the end of Season 5. Sam is ripped out of the cage by Castiel, albeit without his soul, resulting in nasty complications. Sam would later be tormented by visions of Lucifer in Season 7 after his soul was retrieved, and then again drawn to him in Season 11, as Lucifer attempted to use Sam to escape the cage under the pretext that he only Amara could defeat. Sam was smart enough not to believe it, but unfortunately a close friend of hers took the bait.

Castiel (Micha Collins)

During that same Season 11 episode with Lucifer trying to force Sam to become his ship inside the cage, Castiel finally agrees to let Lucifer take over after the latter promises to defeat Amara. Of course, being Lucifer, it turned out he was lying. and would have said virtually anything to be released from his long-term prison. Amara ended up using her powers to remove Lucifer from Castiel’s body later in Season 11. Surprisingly, Castiel remains in good shape after his possession, it is presumed due to Amara’s immense power capable of shielding him from the effects. usual harmful effects of being used and thrown aside by Lucifer.

Vince Vincente (Rick Springfield)

rick springfield supernatural

After burning a few anonymous hosts after his Castiel purge, Lucifer ended up inhabiting aging rock star Vince Vincente, having used his typical emotional manipulation tactics. Lucifer enjoyed being a rock star, feeling waves of adulation he had never felt before, comparing him to some kind of god. Vince’s body was strong and lasted awhile, even after Rowena turned on him and sent him to the bottom of the ocean when he recruited her to help make his last ship a home. longer term. Even though he loved being a rock god, Lucifer was eventually forced to leave the scene, after which Vince quickly broke down.

Wallace parker

Supernatural - Wallace Parker

After leaving Vince Vincente, Lucifer began to possess a chain of powerful people. The first was Wallace Parker (uncredited, since he only appeared in the form of a corpse), a CEO of a large corporation, as Castiel puts it, of almost everything. It is not clear what Lucifer offers Wallace to accept his possession, but it seems that even more power and fortune were part of it. As seen above, he quickly ran out and Lucifer hopped on a new host, a friend of Wallace in fact.

The Archbishop of Saint-Louis (Michael Querin)

Bishop Lucifer

Easily Lucifer’s most blasphemous disguise to date, after leaving Wallace Parker, Lucifer leapt into the Archbishop of St. Louis. One wonders exactly how Lucifer convinced him to allow his entry, but even Archbishops have evil weaknesses, it seems. The priests around the Archbishop noticed the change and attempted an exorcism, only for Lucifer to slaughter them all and then voluntarily leave the Archbishop’s body.

President Jefferson Rooney (David Chisum)

Lucifer President America Cropped

After leaving the Archbishop, Lucifer caught an extremely large fish, Jefferson Rooney, the President of the United States. Lucifer managed to manipulate the politician’s hyper-religious view to convince him why saying yes would be good for the world. Of course, Lucifer had no benevolent aspirations for the office, even having sex with the President’s mistress, Kelly Kline, and ultimately getting her pregnant. Kelly is horrified when she learns the truth, but comes to believe that her son will ultimately benefit mankind and decides to have the baby.

This resulted in the birth of Kelly and Lucifer’s son, Jack, a nephilim (half-angel / half-human) and the possible Antichrist. Fortunately, Jack fended off his father’s influence. After Lucifer was released from Rooney, Crowley would use a spell to permanently lock him in his home ship, Nick. As Nick attempted to resuscitate Lucifer from The Empty after his death and their separation, Jack put an end to it. It is not known if Lucifer will reappear before the end of Supernaturalis the fifteenth and final season.

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