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About 49% of American adults have tried cannabis in one form or another, according to a recent Gallup poll, and 18 states have legalized it for recreational use. But just as we continue to express a growing interest in cannabis, we also deserve the opportunity to incorporate it into our daily lives in ways that feel authentic to us. This means referring to reliable sources of information, experimenting with different methods of consumption, and learning more about our relationship with weed along the way.

As more and more states seek to legalize recreational marijuana in the coming years, we find ourselves hovering over a vast array of unique, discreet, and effective pot products. Gone are the days of making pipes out of apples and rolling joints out of notebook paper. And with 4/20 on the horizon, maybe you’re interested in the various products and gadgets that can elevate your high, whether you’re new to weed or are familiar with the subject. To that end, we’ve rounded up a handful of tools and accessories that can help you get high, from hand-sewn storage wallets to beautiful lighters, tasteful bongs, cleaning kits and more.

Get yourself a gift for a stoner in need or treat yourself to an unforgettable experience. There is something here for everyone.

Session Goods Stash Jar

Session goods

For those unfamiliar with storage jars, they serve as a container to store your buds where they will stay dry and retain their effects and flavor. And while stoners have long used glass jars and plastic bags as makeshift jars, we much prefer this modern container from Session Goods. Its black-tinted glass body reduces light exposure and the snap-on silicone lid provides an airtight seal. Inside, you’ll find a built-in bowl rack and three divided sections for organizing parts and extras.

The Levo II Oil and Butter Infuser is one of the best cannabis accessories to get high in 2022

Levo II Oil and Butter Infuser


Stoners have long channeled their inner TV chef as they prep food in the kitchen, stirring a pot of simmering butter or tossing ingredients into a haphazard slow cooker. But the Levo II takes on the role of chef de cuisine on your behalf by heating raw cannabis flower to activate THC before infusing it with oils, butter, honey or glycerin. Easy to use and clean, the setup comes with an app that provides instructions and tips to get you started, and every component is dishwasher safe. It also looks like a coffee machine, which is perfect when you don’t feel like telling your nosy parents that you’re making food on the reg.

The Houseplant Block table lighter made by Seth Rogen is one of the best table lighters for smoking weed because it is modern and has a built-in ashtray in 2022.

Houseplant Block Shaped Table Lighter

house plant

Longtime friends Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, whose creative works include super bad and It is the end, launched Houseplant in 2019 with a limited selection of cannabis strains available in Canada and California before branching out into home goods. Perhaps their most iconic piece of furniture, the Block table lighter looks more like a work of art but hides a refillable butane lighter and doubles as an ashtray. According to the Houseplant website, its design is “inspired by Bauhaus stuff” and the blocky profile was adopted because rectangles are “by far the best shape”. Accent your living room with this classy addition to let others know that you are a smoker of the classy and sophisticated variety.

Lonzen electric herb grinder is one of the best grinders for getting high in 2022

Lonzen Electric Herb Grinder


There is perhaps no more disappointing feeling than the moment you open your grinder to find that it is empty of weed. But there’s no need to be so moody when you have the Lonzen on standby. Its stainless steel blades grind flowers as fine (or coarse) as you want in seconds, and a viewing window lets you check on the condition of your weed. The battery has enough juice to last a month (or more) and at six inches in length, it’s small enough to carry almost anywhere you want to smoke.

The Dangle Supply The Weird Wallet is one of the best accessories to store your weed and get high in 2022

Dangle Supply The Strange Wallet

Balance supply

Keeping track of your cannabis essentials can be tricky in the middle of a trip, but that’s where the Weird Wallet’s lightweight tri-fold form comes in handy. Made with the same Dyneema fabric found in ultralight outdoor gear, the wallet’s two pockets are perfect for carrying a lighter, a pipe and a flower. And because it’s handmade with love by Dangle Supply and allmansrightyou know you’re getting a quality product made with love by dedicated smokers.

The Pax 3 vaporizer is the best vaporizer in 2022 and the best weed accessory in 2022 for getting high

Pax 3 Vaporizer


Just as the perception of cannabis has changed, the ways in which we consume it have also changed. Sleek and wonderfully simple, the Pax 3’s one-button design offers better battery life, adjustable heat settings via the Android app (sorry, iPhone users), Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to heat flowers . or concentrate, making it one of the best cannabis vaporizers on the market. Along with the vape, Pax includes a magnetic charging cable, cleaning kit, carrying case, keychain multi-tool, screens, and two mouthpieces.

The Santa Cruz Shredder is the best weed grinder and is a great weed accessory to get high in 2022

Santa Cruz Crusher

santa cruz

Santa Cruz Crusher

For those times in life when a high-tech shredder just isn’t practical, the Santa Cruz Shredder comes to the rescue with its aluminum construction and scratch-resistant finish that makes it nearly indestructible. The three-piece design contains 45 sharp teeth to effectively shred weed, and the magnetic lid provides an airtight seal to keep buds cool and safe during travel. Find it in different colors that “go with your vibes”, whether you’re smoking at home or on the go.

Aufew co-holder is one of the best cannabis co-holders in 2022 and one of the best cannabis accessories

Aufew Joint Holder


The joint (or jay or fat or dube or roach or paper plane) is a beloved form of cannabis consumption, but it’s also quite fragile, which is why this keychain is the perfect medium. Durable and airtight, the smell of your funky pillow won’t escape for others to detect, nor will it fall into harm’s way given the aluminum construction of the stand. Attach it to a backpack, toss it in a bag, or toss it on a belt loop to keep your weed safe and within reach.