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Electric and Hybrid Marine United States and Canada Virtual “Live”

Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo USA & Canada Virtual ‘Live’, a free online conference taking place December 7-9, 2021, will provide an indispensable platform for US shipowners, shipyards, operators, fleet managers, ship architects and port authorities to engage with speakers and vendors who will showcase the next generation of electric and hybrid marine propulsion technologies and solutions and port infrastructure.

Many ships – including tugs, ferries, offshore support vessels, other work boats, pleasure craft, luxury yachts, container ships, and warships – are suitable for the hybridization or full electrification.

The virtual conference will showcase and discuss the rapid advancements in battery technology, showcase the latest hybrid propulsion solutions and innovations in alternative fuels, and present a business case for commercial operators to switch to electric and hybrid technology. It will also highlight technologies and solutions for next generation port infrastructure, pricing and cargo handling to achieve a more efficient and smarter port.

This exclusive online event is hosted on an attractive and easy-to-use networking platform, which will allow attendees to network, share content, host video meetings and discuss important industry developments, all from the comfort of their office or home office.

More than 60 speakers from leading organizations – including ABB, Wartsila, BAE Systems, Cavotec, Damen Shipyards and GE Power Conversion – will share their expertise on the critical issues defined to shape this rapidly evolving industry.

Highlights include a detailed look at how best to decarbonize America’s waterways, presented by Georgios Plevrakis, Director of Global Sustainability at ABS. The presentation will be part of the opening session “Perspectives – The New Normal and What’s Happening”.

“Over the last decade, there has been an increasing emphasis on decarbonisation in the field of maritime navigation,” explains Plevrakis. “But as more and more maritime regulations come into force, it begs the question whether inland waterways will see the same goal in the years to come?”

Plevrakis’ presentation will address this issue and provide the audience with an overview of potential vessel designs, alternative fuel options, available technologies, and the challenges and benefits associated with each of these options.

The same opening session will see Oskar Levander, SVP Concepts and Innovation, Kongsberg Maritime, researching low-carbon electrical solutions that “make the best value for money”. Levander, who previously held a similar role at Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine prior to the acquisition of the company, will examine how different low-carbon solutions stack up against each other and what kind of zero-emission operation can already be more economically efficient than conventional solutions based on fossil fuels, while highlighting the main opportunities for switching to electricity without state funding.

Galen Hon, director of the PoliSea group, which recently helped the US Navy envision the next generation of hybrid-powered ships, will look at how best to speed up electrification at US ports. “If the global pandemic has a silver lining, that just might be how effectively it exposed flaws in freight transportation infrastructure,” he says. “This is an oddly opportune time for systemic failures, with the federal government finally on the verge of investing heavily in the future of freight in the country. Done right, these investments could solve key systemic issues while ensuring reliable, resilient and carbon-free movement of goods. “

A fascinating range of opinions and ideas is expected. Please visit the event website at to view the full program and list of speakers, as well as to register for your complimentary conference pass!

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