Electric cars are gradually becoming the norm with more and more automakers jumping on the quiet bandwagon. But the same cannot be said for motorcycles. We all know how hard it has been for Harley-Davidson Livewire to catch on despite being a technological marvel. But things are slowly changing, at least for scooters.

And the Nerva Exe is proof that electric two-wheelers are becoming reliable, efficient and versatile. Nerva is a Spanish company and their latest offering is a maxi-scooter called Exe. It looks huge and is also heavy in terms of weight. But all this sacrifice comes from good will, thanks to Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries used in it.

Manufactured by BYD, these batteries claim to last three times longer and have significantly more charge cycles than common industry lithium batteries. Plus, a durable structure and fewer heating issues give this battery-equipped machine highway touring capabilities. The Nerva Exe manages to be sharp, sporty and mature.

The Nerva Exe maxi-scooter uses a safer and more efficient Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery. That makes this maxi-scooter versatile, with a top speed of 77mph and a range of 90 miles.

This maxi-scooter packs a Peak12kW motor and travels 90 miles on a single charge

The Nerva Exe electric maxi-scooter is made for the long haul
Via: Nerva.eco

The Nerva Exe isn’t your generic electric scooter, as it packs a lot more juice than we’ve experienced so far. It is equipped with an electric motor that produces 9 kW (12.06 hp) of continuous power and a maximum output of 12 kW (16.09 hp). These aren’t technically “wow” specs, but Nerva has no intention of making the Exe a racer.

But despite the moderate performance figures, the Exe is capable of a top speed of almost 80 mph (125 km/h). It can cross 30 mph in 4.5 seconds and 50 mph in 10.5 seconds. Given that this maxi-scooter weighs 445 pounds, those numbers are commendable.

Close-up view of Nerva Exe electric maxi-scooter motor
Via: Nerva.eco

Maneuverability was given prime importance, as this scooter makes it an equally good vessel for city and highway routes. It can travel up to 93 miles on a single charge in Eco mode. It drops to 71 miles in Normal mode, and the smallest range comes with Sport mode at 46 miles. Nerva Eva uses standard charging and takes approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes to fully charge.

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Nerva Exe uses heavy but unique LFP electric batteries from BYD

Nerva Exe maxi electric scooter hd wallpaper
Via: Nerva.eco

The superbike quality weight of this maxi-scooter equivalent to 125cc is due to the new battery technology used. Sourced from BYD, the Nerva Exe uses two 5.76 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries. These batteries are much heavier than the industry standard lithium-ion batteries. But the panoply of advantages that this new battery pack tech makes forget its weight. LFP batteries are safer, longer lasting and have a much higher charge capacity.

Nerva Exe Maxi Electric Scooter Charging Port Layout
Via: Nerva.eco

These batteries produce lower energy density and voltage than Li-Ion cells, which is why they are heavier. But the fact that these batteries last three times longer and have over 6,000 charge cycles makes them much cheaper and more reliable. Nerva also states that these cells have two lives. This means that after its “scooter” cycle is complete, the batteries can be reused and used elsewhere.

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Nerva Exe has a sharp and really practical design

Rear third quarter view of Nerva Exe electric maxi-scooter
Via: Nerva.eco

Nerva has opted for a very contemporary design language with its maxi-scooter. Exe flaunts a sharp design language with LED lighting all around. The dimensions are huge and it is bigger than other 125cc maxi-scooters. The low-slung form factor also looks rather sporty. The swingarm contrasts with the aluminum finish and has an industrial look with exposed connectors.

Practical features of the Nerva Exe electric maxi-scooter
Via: Nerva.eco

The Exe comes with 15-inch front wheels and 14-inch rear wheels wrapped in fairly thick tires that do justice to this beefy-looking maxi-scooter. It gets disc brakes at both ends. Practicality has also been given pride of place in the Exe maxi-scooter. It has an integrated windshield for comfortable travel over long distances. The seat is wide for both rider and passenger.

View of the instrument cluster layout of the Nerva Exe electric maxi-scooter
Via: Nerva.eco

Nerva added enough storage under the seat to store two helmets. The instrument cluster contains old-school analog dials with a smart kW meter that reminds us of the tachometer. Between the two dials is a 5-inch LED display that presented most of the data, including the riding modes. Nerva also has a dedicated smartphone app that allows you to see all the vitals of Exe on your phone.

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This Spanish maxi-scooter wants to make electric two-wheelers versatile

The Nerva Exe electric maxi-scooter looks beefy
Via: Nerva.eco

Nerva wants to make electric mobility sustainable, affordable and reliable; without removing the fun factor. The new LFP batteries seem perfectly suited to this mission. And Nerva is focused on building a circular economy by reallocating batteries.

With its higher continuous horsepower rating, the Exe can be a powerful machine around town or on the highway. And with a very practical yet sporty design language, this Spanish EV maker seems to have cracked the code. Prices and availability are still secret as a dealer network is still in progress.

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