The Blood Rose, Vessel of Rebirth, is a boss in Diablo Immortal this is the source of Dark Wood’s corruption. This floral monstrosity collects blood spilled in the forest and feeds it to the Countess, the final boss of the Dungeon in the area, the forgotten tower. As long as the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal provides blood to the Countess, she is essentially immortal, allowing the Darkwood’s corruption to last indefinitely. So it’s up to the heroic adventurers to bring down the Bloodsworn’s bloodthirsty pet and dispel the evil that reigns over the land.

Blood Rose Boss Fight in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal How to Find and Defeat Blood Rose

Diablo Immortal the heroes must face the Blood Rose in the eighth Dark Wood quest,”blood resurrection“, during which players must venture into the Lair of the Blood Rose, a sub-area located in the far west of the Dark Wood, southwest of the Blood Ruins. Adventurers must complete the fight against the Blood Rose boss twice to progress through the quest in Diablo Immortal.


Diablo Immortal: Lord Martanos Boss Guide

To defeat the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortalfighters will need a general understanding of boss mechanics and how to deal with them.

  • Minion Blood Spew: The two small flowers of the Blood Rose will recoil for several moments before spitting blood projectiles in multiple directions. Stay directly in front of the boss to avoid these projectiles.
  • Blood Thorns: The boss in Diablo Immortal will release five rows of spikes. The first is a single row in a straight line. The next four rows are sent in pairs that gradually reach the entire arena. First, dodge to each side to avoid damage from the first row, then immediately return to the area where the first row was to avoid the next two pairs.
  • Blood Rose’s Sprouts: The Blood Rose will screech, spawning four small sprouts that deal melee damage. These entities have their own HP, so focus on them first.

After the Blood Rose was killedLakrii will appear and sacrifice himself to revive the boss, starting the second round of the boss fight in Diablo Immortal. Here are the new mechanics introduced in this second phase:

  • Blood Bubbles: The Blood Rose will generate multiple AoEs that will burst after a few seconds. Stay in areas without red circles to avoid damage.
  • Blood Beam: The boss will fire a laser beam from its mouth and sweep the arena twice.
  • Blood Trap: The Blood Rose roars, pulling all nearby targets to its center and dealing damage.
  • Servants of the Countess: The Countess will summon her servant to fight alongside the Blood Rose.

Diablo Immortal is available on Android, iOS and PC.