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Diablo Immortal gives you a fairly complete Diablo experience on your mobile devices – and that includes a variety of courses to choose from. Diablo Immortal wants you to play for a long, long time. In all other games in the series, you are forced to create a new character to try out all the classes. This is not the case in Diablo Immortal. Class change is coming Diablo Immortaland that’s what you need to know ahead of the full release later this year.

You can download Diablo Immortal for free right now on iOS and Android.

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Everything you need to know about the class change

Class change is a function that allows you to exchange courses with a single character while keeping your progress. This allows you to experiment with alternate classes and builds without creating multiple alternate characters dividing your time and effort. You can now devote all of your time to a single character while unlocking skills and building gear sets specifically for your new class.

You can read more about the class change on the official Blizzard blog here, or check out a quick rundown of everything you need to know.

  • Class change | The basics
  • Class switching allows an existing character to switch to a new class.
  • Using class change retains your paragon level progress.
  • You will retain the progress of all items, upgrades, and gems. You can reinstall your gems.
  • Horadric ship progress and Helliquary progress will also be retained.
  • After using the class change, you will receive a new gear set for that class.

By using Class Change, you will retain your Level, Gems, Helliquarian, horadric vesseland charms – you will keep all items, even your class gear that you can no longer equip on your class. All gear gear is exclusive to each class, so you will need to farm new legendary gear to replace your current set (low tier, basic) after changing classes.

No item will be lost. If you want to go back to your old class, you can use Class change Again. After changing class, you re-equip all equipment and reset your build. It’s like you never left.

No word on how much Class change will cost. Will it be free? Will it be limited to one class change per week? Once a month? Blizzard has made it clear that class switching won’t be available for instant switching whenever you want – there will be a limit to how and when you can switch classes. Will the limit be monetary? There’s no way to know right now, but we’ll keep this article updated as more news comes to light.