DeepSea Technologies, the leading marine technology specialist in vessel performance monitoring and optimization, today announced the appointment of Melvin Tan as the Company’s Senior Director of Business Development. Based in Singapore, Melvin will be responsible for DeepSea’s growth strategy in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and lead the company’s presence and customer expansion in the region.

Melvin has 17 years of business development and institutional sales experience in shipping and finance. He brings invaluable sea experience to the DeepSea team, having served for the Republic of Singapore Navy. This sailing experience gives her crucial knowledge and expertise in the sector to understand the shipping industry and the maritime landscape at large. Prior to joining DeepSea, Melvin gained extensive experience in IoT, data communications and FinTech in the UK, Dubai, Norway and Singapore.

Melvin’s appointment comes at a time of significant change in the tech landscape of Singapore’s key international maritime hub, where the local government has made public its commitment to supporting AI-based initiatives and solutions to fuel the transition. towards a more sustainable future. . As part of these efforts, Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) launched the Global Center for Maritime Decarbonization earlier this year, signaling fertile ground for trade opportunities and business development at the intersection between technology and sustainability in the region.

Melvin Tan, Senior Director of Business Development at DeepSea Technologies

This addition to the team follows the latest round of investment announced in July 2021, when DeepSea announced that a portion of its € 5 million in new funding would be used to accelerate the company’s international business expansion. , with an emphasis on Asia.

Commenting on the announcement, Angus Whiston, Commercial Director at DeepSea Technologies, said: “After extensive and lengthy executive search, it is fantastic to welcome Melvin to the team to represent the DeepSea brand in Singapore and lead our expansion. in promising Asia. Pacific markets. We believe that the region is at the forefront of technological innovation and abounds in technological possibilities that support sustainable development.

“Following our strong commercial position and our presence in several European markets, Melvin will play a key role in the growth of DeepSea in Asia from one of the largest maritime hubs in the world. Melvin’s expertise in business development in the field of AI and machine learning for maritime transport, coupled with his experience at sea, makes him the ideal candidate to lead DeepSea’s voyage and bring our unique expertise. in optimizing vessel performance in the Asian region.

Melvin Tan, Senior Director of Business Development at DeepSea Technologies, added, “The arrival of DeepSea in Singapore is great news for the market and the wider Asia-Pacific region, as well as an incredibly proud milestone and opportunity. promising for the company. As a strong supporter of the power of disruptive technologies and the crucial role AI plays in decarbonizing shipping, joining DeepSea at this point in its expansion is incredibly exciting.

“DeepSea has a strong proposition to bring to Singapore and the wider Asia-Pacific region. The cutting-edge technology and AI-powered, cost-effective and user-friendly platforms developed by the company, in addition to proven case studies and successful customer stories, will undoubtedly appeal to a wide range of stakeholders from industry and facilitate construction. solid partnerships with shipping companies committed to their decarbonisation journey and their ESG references.
Source: DeepSea Technologies