A good crew is essential for any “Deadliest Catch” transport ship to draw a successful line. After all, commercial crab fishing involves backbreaking labor with a relentless onslaught of nature at sea. So truly, a positive hunt is rooted in how strong a crew’s performance is, and whether they’re excellent at what they do. they do, then there must be a will to keep them. Still, according to Wild Bill Wichrowski, the shutdown of winter hunting has made it extremely difficult for him and the other captains to maintain their crew.

Wichrowski told Fox News that he and other captains have tried to keep their best crew members, even going so far as to financially float them between fishing opportunities. “It takes years to develop a good group of guys who work well together and can perform,” Wichrowski told the outlet. “And if they’re not making money, they have to find something else to do.” captain Josh Harris echoed Wichrowski’s thoughts on this particular challenge in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, as he noted that in an effort to keep a strong team, he had to give 10 times what he usually pays. also added that between the relentless pressure of the shutdown and COVID-19, he saw friends in the industry go bankrupt.