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July 14, 2022 by Keith Worrall

Amended July 14, 2022 at 4:32 PM

East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast, Daiwa’s new Free Swimmer makes live line a breeze while stopping trophies in their tracks.

Cypress, Calif. (July 13, 2022) – Move over the saltwater lunkers, you’re about to meet your match. It’s called the Free Swimmer and it’s from Daiwa, so you know you’re in big trouble. Prepare for bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, amberjack, stripes, cobia, sharks and other large predators on the prowl. It’s the new king of spinning reels alive…and that means business.

“Our new Free Swimmer reel is a great equalizer,” says Marc Mills, Senior Marketing Manager at Daiwa. “It’s designed to be the ultimate saltwater reel for trophy-sized fish, and can help even intermediate and beginner anglers keep pace with the pros.”

Surprisingly light yet exceptionally powerful, the Free Swimmer features an Automatic Bite N’ Run clutch at the base of the body, allowing anglers to instantly disengage the spool so line can release with little or no resistance when the bail is closed. Simply pull the lever to place the reel in free spool mode and instantly flip it to re-engage when a fish catches your bait. A small tension control knob on the back of the reel makes it easy to adjust the spool tension to control how fast the line unwinds.

“Let’s face it,” continues Mills, “With the cost of gas, bait and everything else these days, targeting offshore tuna and other pelagic or inshore killers can get expensive. This means you need to maximize your chances every time you go out – and the Free Swimmer does just that. Plus, it works especially well when using circle hooks or any style that sets better with a steady pull than a jarring hit.

No one wants to be left out on a tuna outing, Mills notes, but the big fish don’t spend much time next to the boat. So if you’re having trouble casting a conventional reel like the old sharpie that’s standing next to you on the rail, you can be at a huge disadvantage. With the Free Swimmer, however, it’s easy to cast energetic live bait away from the vessel, so it can swim free to where you’re most likely to pull a strike.

Indeed, whether it’s live rigs or sardines on the Gulf Coast, feeding big tarpon baits in the Florida Keys, targeting huge cobia in the mid Atlantic or swimming in a large bunker in northeast waters for cow stripers, the Daiwa Free Swimmer offers that added advantage. By using tension control, you can moderate the swimming speed of your offerings, slowing overly energetic live bait to keep them centered in the strike zone. The ability to free line with an enclosed bail also adds an extra degree of security since you never have to keep a finger on a braided line to hold your bait in the perfect position.

The Free Swimmer is the next level Daiwa reel in this category, but it comes with several extra features that clearly separate the Daiwa saltwater reels from the rest of the pack. These reels build on the company’s success at ICAST 2021, where Daiwa won gold in both the saltwater and freshwater new product categories with the Saltist MQ spinning reel and the Zillion SV TW baitcasting reel, respectively.

To this end, the Free Swimmer has an Air Rotor that stands out for its balance, robustness and sensitivity. Its arched profile and 15% weight reduction compared to standard rotors offers optimum winding smoothness while eliminating vibrations thanks to a lower center of gravity. Its sealed carbon Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD) system uses an improved low-viscosity drag grease at rest that becomes more viscous immediately after starting the drag. The result is a super smooth drag with low initial inertia and beast stopping power.

Available in 8,000 and 10,000 sizes, the Free Swimmer also features a corrosion-resistant lightweight graphite frame and Digigear technology. Compared to most competitors, the gears are larger and digitally cut and polished, resulting in better mesh and longer gear life, up to three times longer than competitive reels. Add a machined aluminum bolt-on direct-drive handle with a Power Round EVA knob to generate extra leverage, along with an O-ring sealing system to ensure high-quality sealed saltwater performance, and there becomes increasingly apparent why the Free Swimmer is sure to show.

“We think these reels have the potential to refresh the whole live reel category,” Mills sums up, “and they’re also great for casting lures or drifting cut baits. They even have important surf fishing applications – think live bait fishing for blue stripes and gorillas, live shark from the beach, or tossing eels around entrance piers, bridge abutments and other hard structures.

“A lot of new anglers have entered our sport recently,” Mills concludes, “and many have never tried this category of reel. Once they see how versatile, easy to use, and efficient Free Swimmers are, that will probably change. I think we are going to have a big hit on our hands.

Saltwater driven and designed to fight trophy fish, Daiwa’s NEW Free Swimmer saltwater reels both feature 4BB+1 ball bearings, 4.7:1 gear ratio and a maximum drag of 22 lbs.

The FRSW8000 retrieves 36.1 inches of line per turn of the handle and can hold 330 yards of 16-pound mono test or 280 yards of 20-pound test. For the Daiwa J-Braid line, the capacity is 40/330 and 50/280.

The FRSW10000 spins 39.6 inches per handle turn while holding 330 yards of 20-pound or 280-pound monotest. of 25 lbs.-test. For Daiwa J-Braid the line capacity is 50/330 and 65/280.

All of this at an eye-catching MSRP of $199.99 for either reel.

No matter where you line up your monsters, these reels provide an advantage you simply can’t afford to ignore.