MIAMI, FLORIDA/ACCESSWIRE/May 18, 2022/ Cyber ​​Yachts, the world’s first metaverse yacht company, has signed renowned Norwegian yacht designer Kurt Strand, and his 444ft Crystal Palace superyacht, “California”. The California is the largest metaverse superyacht in the world, featuring top-of-the-line amenities and entertainment.

The California is the latest luxury vessel to join Cyber ​​Yachts’ fleet of metaverse superyachts, which will host virtual concerts and events with top artists and celebrities. Tickets for these virtual and experiential IRL events will consist of unique NFT collections, minted exclusively for each event.

Designer Kurt Strand founded Strand Craft in 2003. The company began as a design and development company, specializing in custom-built luxury boats. Strand is a Norwegian boat builder with 30 years of experience in boat design and custom boat building. His expertise in boat and yacht design, custom cars, custom boat building ran parallel to the essence of creating the most amazing watercraft – precise details for optimum performance, use of the latest technology and the selection of the best materials for artisanal perfection.

Strand modeled the California Yacht after gladiator helmet designs that blend into lines of female form. The 8,000 ton vessel can accommodate 24 passengers and a crew of 50. It includes a helicopter landing pad that can be stored below the main deck via an automatic lift system, and three swimming pools with waterfalls that let water flow from the upper deck to the main deck. level and down to the beach. One of the pools has a surf machine, allowing the yacht to live up to its namesake.

The yacht is designed with a hybrid electric propulsion system, powered by high-efficiency diesel turbogenerators. Propulsion is entrusted to three Azipods capable of pushing the California up to 20 knots. The California can run at a slow cruising speed of 11 knots for 5 hours on battery power alone. Power from the generators is stored in a 60-tonne lithium-ion battery bank, capable of holding two million watts of electricity. An advanced water cleaning system and auto-angle solar panel system assist the port’s power supply. To complement the eco-friendly design, all yacht tenders and toys are fully electric.

The California Zen-inspired interior is designed for a relaxed lifestyle, with reclaimed wood, natural stone, interior wall waterfalls and large aquariums. It includes a club-style lounge with a bar, games rooms, gym with Turkish bath, massage studio and wellness spa. Additionally, the yacht also includes a 24-seat movie theatre, bowling alley and a showroom for a collection of classic cars. Beautiful Koi ponds are found in the lobby and living room.

Cyber ​​Yachts was founded in partnership with three-time Grammy-nominated artist Quavo of platinum-selling band Migos. Quavo recently became a featured character in the popular game NBA 2k22. Cyber ​​Yachts is building a luxury event and online game metaverse of yachts, celebrities, rockstars, island hopping and a vast ocean of destination playgrounds. At the heart of the experience will be the superyachts, each unique and designed especially for their own mega rockstar, celebrity or captain of luxury brands. Cyber ​​Yachts intends to provide users through tickets and VIP passes with experienced curated events, performances, game quests, luxury digital goods and social entertainment.

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As reported in the LA Times, market research firm Grand View Research predicted the global yacht market to reach $12.16 billion by 2028, up from $8.15 billion in 2020. During the pandemic, the number of billionaires worldwide has increased from 2,095 to 2,755 and their cumulative wealth has increased by 60%, or $5 trillion.

The Metaverse has grown in popularity and value over the past year, with a significant increase in the number of companies and celebrities purchasing virtual plots of “land” in The Sandbox and Decentraland, allowing them to “digitally market, to publicize and expand their brands. Global investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have both predicted that the Metaverse could be an $8 trillion market opportunity.

Cyber ​​yachts are positioning themselves well in a lucrative NFT market. US multinational investment bank Jeffries recently increased its market capitalization forecast for the NFT market to $80 billion by 2050, with double-digit growth for the next five years. Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, recently raised $450 million from companies such as Andreessen Horowitz, valuing the company at $4 billion. This marked one of the biggest rounds for any NFT collection to date.

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