April 24, 2022 – After two days on the island of Krk and one day on Rab and Cres, the teams hosted the grand finale of the 4Islands mountain bike race in Lošinj on Saturday.

In addition to endurance, the last section also demanded technical performance, and in some parts of the track even the best had to push their bikes. The 40 kilometer long track also featured 900 meters of elevation gain, which was demanding for competitors who have been cycling since Monday.

Wilier Pirelli 2, Wout Alleman and Gioele De Cosmo were the first to reach the finish line in Mali Lošinj with a time of 1:37:32, while Singer Racing team winners Martin Frey and Simon Stiebjahn , entered the final stage 29 hundredths behind them. Overall, the Singer Racing team completed the four stages in 10:29:10. Second place went to Buff Megamo, Hugo Drechou and Peeter Pruus 8:59 minutes behind, and third place went to Daniel Geismayer, Fabian Rabensteiner and Wilier Pirelli 11:03 minutes behind.

In the female category, the first arrivals were Costanza Fasolis and Claudia Peretti from the Olympia – RDR Italia team, with a time of 2:06:02. Still, they failed to make up for the Allebike Canyon Northwave team advantage. In the overall standings, first place was won by Lejla Tanović and Stefanie Dohrn of the Allebike Canyon Northwave team with a time of 13:13:54. Second place went to Costanza Fasolis and Claudia Peretti of Olympia – RDR Italia, who were 18:39 minutes behind. Third place went to MTB Pro Merchandising Racing, Greete Steinburg and Janina Wust 25:47 minutes behind.

In the mixed category, the winners of the fourth stage and the overall winners are Buff megamo 2, Hans Becking and Naima Madlen Diesner with a time of 2:05:12 or 13:14:19.

In the Masters category, Mondraker Blue Force, Tomi Misser and David Ruano Rimbau took first place today with a time of 1:51:21. They are also the winners of the general classification with a time of 11:56:12, while second place in the general classification went to the Croatian team BK Campetto – Island Krk, with Marin Deković and Mario Šubr at 30:59 minutes .

Peter Vesel and Loris Tomat, the Kiendl Sport team in the Grand Masters category, also did not remain unbeaten. They finished the final stage in second place but still took the overall victory with a time of 12:47:02. The winners are Bärti Bucher and Hansjürg Gerber from the BiXS Bikeholiday team with a time of 2:02:55, while the Kiendl Sport team reached the finish line 3 hundredths of a second behind.

The 4Islands MTB Stage Race is a five-day mountain bike stage race that promotes mountain biking as a hobby, hobby, sport and lifestyle. This year differs from previous editions in that the Ironman group bought the Kvarner race and introduced the “4Islands MTB race” as part of their Epic series along with seven other races. Thanks to the initiative of the hosts and their pleasant reception, the hard work of the organizing team and the excellent cooperation with the partners, the synergy of sports and off-season tourism has been achieved in Croatia, which is at its peak. , and returning contestants have recognized this for several years.

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