Australian Federal Police say they seized 700 kilograms of cocaine worth $280 million and branded the word Netflix on a container ship in Port Botany.

The Singaporean ship Maersk Inverness docked in Sydney last month where Australian Border Force officials discovered 700 kilograms of drugs concealed in denim bags inside a container marked as containing wood products.

Twenty-eight denim bags containing bricks of 25 kilograms of cocaine were seized.Credit:Australian Border Force

Twenty-eight denim bags, each containing a 25-kilogram brick of cocaine bearing the word Netflix and the numbers 5 and 365, were seized by authorities on July 22.

The ship had docked at ports in South and Central America before arriving in Sydney.

“We are still investigating where the drugs were loaded and who planned to collect them in Australia,” AFP Detective Inspector Luke Wilson said.

“The interception of this amount of drugs would be a major blow to a well-resourced syndicate and prevent millions of dollars in drug profits from flowing back into the syndicate to fund their lavish lifestyle or their next criminal enterprise.

The so-called ‘cocaine drought’ in Sydney at the moment means cocaine dealers can command up to $400,000 a kilogram, according to Federal Police.

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