The iconic Roman shipyard will officially launch its new Oceanic Line flagship, the 143′ Tri-Deck, at the upcoming fall boat shows. The Oceanic 143′ Tri-Deck was designed and manufactured in-house and features luxury interiors by Michela Reverberi Design of Rome. With a top speed of 24 knots and long range capabilities, the Oceanic 143′ is the perfect blend of luxury and functionality. Another feature that sets this vessel apart from the competition is the outdoor entertaining areas. The Oceanic 143′ Tri-Deck will dock on July 20 and then undergo sea trials.

On a 43 meter luxury yacht, reaching a speed of 24 knots was not possible with a displacement hull. A typical planning hull could not be used as it would not provide the required stability at displacement/slow speeds. To reduce weight, the hull has been built entirely in E-Glass and Vinylester resin while the superstructure is in Kevlar/Aramat. This solution significantly reduces maintenance costs, ages better and has a much higher impact resistance than steel or aluminum. The unique hull architecture of the Oceanic, named by the Technical Office of Canados “Displanning”, offers the speed of a conventional planing hull and the comfort of a low-speed displacement hull.

Piloting a three-deck yacht measuring 43 meters long and 8.2 meters wide at 24 knots is no small feat. The Oceanic 143′ is fitted with three of Caterpillar’s all-new C32 B-series 12-cylinder 3-turbo engines, each developing 2400 hp. Another aim was to make the boat capable of sustained low speed travel for long crossings, thus the mid-engine gearbox is fitted with an intercooler allowing it to run only on the side engines at low revs at from eight knots, consuming only 40 liters per hour. . This performance is made possible by the bulbous bow design, which increases the length of the waterline by approximately 5 meters. It also greatly reduces pitching in rough seas. For reasons of performance and practicality, the three wells are installed in tunnels, which allows the draft to be reduced to around 2 metres. This allows the boat to anchor close to shore.

In order to compensate for the potential balance issues posed by the forward placement of the superstructure, the hull architecture was designed to reduce the buoyancy of the aft portion of the hull. This was achieved by creating two massive steps and reducing the hull volume aft, which reduced buoyancy. The engines were installed as close to the transom as possible, which required the use of U-Drive gearbox systems.

The stability of the boat was essential for its modern owner, so the boat had to be the most stable of its kind. At 24 knots, fins are not the ideal solution and so Canados used an Australian-made 4-tonne Veem® VG 145 SD gyro to be fitted under the center tender bay (for a 6-metre tender). In addition, the entire first section of the hull is equipped with an integral keel. Finally, the 32,000 liter or 8,450 US gallon or 32 m3 8 fuel tanks are all structural, allowing a lower center of gravity.

The Oceanic 143′ Tri-Deck has been designed with noise reduction in mind, both at anchor and underway. Particular attention has been paid to sound insulation, with the philosophy that moving noisy elements as far away from the guest and owner accommodation would create the best possible noise reduction environment. The rear positioning of the engine room, where three generators are also installed (2x 100 kW and a night generator of 50 kW), was a major step in reducing sound dispersion. The lower deck VIP suites are located approximately 11 meters from the engine room and are separated from the engines by three structural bulkheads. The main deck saloon is located above the guest cabins, and is isolated from engine noise by two structural bulkheads. The upper deck is completely private and at full speed the only noise will come from the air conditioning system and speakers.

The Oceanic 143′ Tri Deck yacht is a spacious and comfortable vessel that features unique outdoor spaces. The aft deck features an infinity pool, oversized lounge, game and coffee tables, bar with summer kitchen, and 12-person dining table. The deck area totals over 105 square meters, making it the perfect space for entertaining guests. There is also a Turkish bath inside the mast making it the perfect place to relax and take in the incredible views. For the more active guests there is a fully equipped gym with electric cars which can be unloaded on the quay.


  • Overall length (LOA) 43.45 m
  • Waterline length 36.90 m
  • Maximum beam 8.22 m
  • Draft at the propellers 2.10 m
  • Empty displacement 225 tons
  • Displacement at full load 270 tons
  • Fuel tank capacity 32,000 liters
  • Water tank capacity 4,500 liters
  • Capacity of gray water tanks 2,000 liters
  • Waste water tank capacity 1,500 liters

Canados Oceanic 143 Tri Deck 1