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Butter makes everything better, especially this beautiful wooden cutting board pick up dust in a cupboard. Butter boards are the latest viral food sensation. If you’re wondering what a butter board is, how much work a butter board takes, or if it’s more fun to just say “butter board” over and over than in reality Craft one, I’m here to answer all your burning butter board questions. There’s a lot to cover, so we start buttering it up.

I happened to be eating across Italy, a place where olive oil reigns supreme, when the butter board craze hit, so there were few mentions of butter boards outside friends from home who posted on social media. With my feet way back on American soil, I’m well aware of the latest TikTok edible recipe trend and, unlike cooking chicken in Nyquil, it’s a viral social media rush that I agree with. Is that a bit silly? Yes. And messier than necessary? Maybe a little bit. But it’s lovely and fun to make a butter board: they look good and you can eat butter. Naturally, I’m in.

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What is a butter board and how to make one?

A butter board is simple, nearly impossible to screw up, and it allows for truly limitless variations. To make a butter board, simply spread softened butter aesthetically on a cutting board. From there, you’ll drop in a number of toppings or mixes, including herbs, nuts, seeds, fruit, radishes, honey, jam, or even chunks of smoked salmon or cured meats into it. of the. Again, try to arrange these buttery table tops in a way that pleases the eye – and the eyes of your online followers – and serve it with toast, crackers or any other container for help deliver that whimsical butter to your face.

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What are the best butter board toppings?

It all depends, but the French have been making butter (known as beurre compound) with herbs and honey for centuries, so this might be a good place to start. If your butter is unsalted, consider savory toppings such as capers, prosciutto, or Parma ham. If it’s an already salted butter board, you might want to balance that flavor with sweet jam, fresh figs, or a drizzle of aged sweet honey or balsamic vinegar.

For bonus beauty points, many add edible flowers to their butter boards. You can also use regular flowers, but try to avoid mixing them with what you plan to eat. If you have a small, sterile brush, you can put your artistic abilities to work by swirling jam and vinegar into the base of the butter carton. I used fresh parsley, rosemary, radishes, and two types of honey in my butter board.

butter board

When making my butter board, I took a classic French approach with fresh parsley, rosemary, radishes, and two types of honey.

David Watsky/CBS

The Only Thing You Need For A Truly Great Butter Board

Other than minimal artistic ability, the best thing you can do for your butter board is to buy some really good butter. Most butter tastes good, even the cheap stuff, but if you’re serving it to friends for cocktail hour or before dinner, I suggest you skip for some high-quality (in other words , high in fat) french butter Where irish butter You should be able to find some on the market or from a grocery delivery service such as FreshDirect or Amazon Fresh. It will cost a few dollars more, but it is definitely worth it.

Isigny Ste Mere

My only advice for making a good butter board is to choose a high quality high fat butter like Isigny Ste Mere or Kerrygold.

Oh, and one more thing. A butter board isn’t complete without something good to wash it with. For alcohol drinkers I would suggest chilled white wine, something with a bit of body, sparkling or still. A Belgian-style frothy wheat beer won’t be bad either.

The best cutting board for butter boards

fabulous slab

Camphor is a harder wood with beautiful grain patterns, making it a favorite for making butterboards as it looks nice and not too large. Camphor also contains aromatic oils which give it a pleasant natural smell.

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