EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Media extends its much appreciated Under the bridge franchisee with Sailing boat under the bridge (working title), a new series of Under the bridge and Under the Mediterranean Bridge producers 51 Spirits.

Sailing boat under the bridge (wt) is described as a new type of Under the bridge, featuring luxury sailboats, considered the queens of the yachting world, as the charter of choice.

Bravo says the new series is similar to Under the bridge and Under the Mediterranean Bridge with fit crews, exotic locations, discerning charter guests and an “up / down” dedication to service. However, sailboats have a sleeker design than their motor yacht counterparts, making their galleys smaller, stewing stations almost nonexistent, and crew living quarters more cramped and much closer to flight quarters. guests. Sailing yachts also attract a different kind of charter guests – from former exclusive patrons to new eco-conscious tech millionaires – and with the added duty of sailing there is a high level of demand for those serving on the ship. ship.

Under the bridge comes out of its highest-rated season in franchise history, averaging 2.6 million total viewers, 1.6 million P25-54 and 1.3 million 18-49. Season 6 also won the highest rated episode in franchise history on December 11, 2018, with 3.2 million total viewers, 1.9 million P25-54 and 1.7 million P18- 49. It was the top rated episode with young viewers on all of television overnight. Moreover, the final season of Below Deck Mediterranean reached new heights in the series, averaging 2.4 million total viewers, 1.5 million P25-54 and 1.2 million P18-49, posting double-digit growth for the second season consecutively on all demos. The new season of Under the Mediterranean Bridge will be released this spring. Sailing boat under the bridge (wt) will join the two Under the bridge and lower Mediterranean Bridge on Bravo programming.

Sailing boat under the bridge is produced by 51 Minds in association with Little Wooden Boat Productions. Mark Cronin, Jill Goslicky and Dan Volpe are the executive producers with Christian Sarabia and Temple Williams as executive producers of 51 Minds. Rebecca Henning and Doug Henning are co-executive producers.