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Blue suede shoes club mississauga

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Blue suede shoes club mississauga

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Ladies, if you're looking for a great place to have fun and dance, this is it! I'm in my mid 30's and always have a blast. Ladies are free on Fridays. I've only ever been on a Friday. You get in without any hassles. Parking lot- always has ample room.

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From my coat zippered pocket, right into their purse or pocket. If you made a call to hell from this place, it would be a local call.

I like it because its a small, cute place with ample different dance floors to do your dancing! I always have a good time there. I put my mississuaga in the left side inside pocket that had a zipper and made sure it was zipped up and safe 3. Absolute BS what we went through to get that back.

Blue suede sue's, mississauga - restaurant reviews, photos & phone number - tripadvisor

Their "heated" patio is anything but that. Robyn S, Modjo and all the missisauga club sounds of the 90's, early 's. And why the hell would you condone driving?

If you make any type of eye contact for one second, they assume you want them to approach you. No one Beautiful lady wants sex tonight Quito this club of managorial position or otherwise would step up and make their minimum wage staff of theives aid in the search or admit to the theft. The people were mature and acted that way.

The decor of the place needs some serious upgrading, the so called "dancers" on the stage were a complete joke one was wearing black lace underwear as her costume. I refused and told security that their dress code doesn't stipulate anything about wearing a sweater.

Mississauga club creates reality show in search for top bar employees |

I'm looking into who i can contact about them watering down the liquor, maybe a fine or two will wake the owner's ass up. If you want i can send you more demo.

Proceeded to walk the club and got stopped by security 5 minutes into being here. So many people were complaining to the to bartenders, neither cared.

Yes, it is a bit of a cougar, bar but thats what makes it so interesting and fun. Save your hard miississauga money for this poor experience at this place.

Worst bar/ club ever!!! - review of blue suede sue's, mississauga, ontario - tripadvisor

The men expect you to accept their groping and inappropriate touching when you walk by These guys looked coked out with some serious jaw clenching issues. Either a toilet backed up, or someone left a missisaauga something on the floor for the owner.

On route home, i realized that while my coat was intact, my phone was not there! Those interested in auditioning can call Pereira at or tv bluesuedesues. Using my girlfriends phone i logged into find auede phone which told me that it was located on watline avenue and was not moving.

Blue suede sue's

We are very active in the Mississauga night life and are all well employed. They were holding the jacket in their hands but refused to hand it over.

DO NOT misplace your ticket. Women are on display and men drool from the sidelines.

Blue suede sue's night club - mississauga's party near toronto

Owner insisted and asked us to leave if I didn't. We enjoy spending money and partying locally and don't care for down town Shofs. Owner showed up and asked me to check the coat. Within half an hour i am now in the emergency room.

If you value yourself, you will leave this place shoe, and have pity for the regulars. The show will run over the course of about weeks. I get drugged.

The girls we brought were by far the best looking in the t. I'm in my mid 30's and always have a blast.

There will also be surprise celebrity guests. Dancer submitted by Joanne for Blue Suede Sue's Nightclub on June 17, I used to go there at least once a week either fri or sat from to The rudest and most unhelpful people we have ever dealt with.

We are all between 22 to 29 years old. Find my phone told me that my device was still at the club 7.

Blue suede sue's, mississauga

I am playing from last 5 years. We were told to come after close or next week. The final straw On route home, i went for it and to my surprise and absolute disgust i realized it wasn't there.