Which dog wheelchair is the best?

There’s nothing worse than seeing your once nimble and adventurous dog stricken with a disease that affects his mobility. Whether they need to heal or your dog needs a wheelchair all the time, there are great wheelchairs made just for dogs, even if they look more like a wheeled harness than a real one. chair.

The best dog wheelchair is the K9 Carts Dog Wheelchair. It comes in sizes from extra small to large to fit a variety of dogs, but the best part is that each chair is completely custom made to order with options like breed, age, weight, the sex and dimensions of the dog.

What to know before buying a dog wheelchair

Types of support

Wheelchairs for dogs are designed to support the areas your dog needs.

  • Back chairs support the hind legs and are the most common because mobility issues most often come from the back in dogs.
  • Front the chairs support the front legs. They are often more expensive because fewer dogs need front leg support.
  • Full the chairs support the whole body. They generally provide more support to the rear legs and require the front legs to provide power and direction. They usually cost the most.


Choosing the right size dog wheelchair is paramount to your dog’s comfort and control. Most use the same information when sizing a chair, such as the dog’s dimensions, weight, and breed. However, most wheelchairs also tend to choose key information to differentiate their sizes. For example, one wheelchair may focus on leg height while another may focus on weight.

You must enter your dog’s measurements while standing, as this is how he will use the chair. Depending on your dog’s condition, this means you might need a helping hand to hold your dog up.

What to Look for in a Quality Dog Wheelchair


Every dog ​​is unique, which can make finding the right fit difficult. Look for chairs with multiple adjustable settings, including wheel angles and harness length, to keep your dog as comfortable as possible.


Consider wheel size and material to find the best option for your dog.

  • Cut: Small wheels are more maneuverable in tight spaces found in homes while large wheels have better grip for rough terrain found outdoors. This does not mean that the small wheels cannot be used outdoors or the large wheels indoors, it just means that your dog can struggle in the opposite environment. Medium wheels do well in both situations, but your dog may also have a little trouble in both.
  • Material: The best wheels are solid rubber, which provides excellent grip and prevents sharp objects from puncturing and flattening the wheels.


The best dog wheelchairs are as light as possible so your dog doesn’t have to work harder than necessary. Look for aluminum chairs, as this offers the best balance between weight and durability.

How much you can expect to spend on a dog wheelchair

They can cost as little as $50 or as high as $500 and more. Basic wheelchairs for short, temporary durations can be found for $100 or less, while mid-range wheelchairs for longer or permanent durations typically cost between $150 and $300. The best chairs cost $300 or more.

Dog Wheelchair FAQ

Do dogs need an adjustment period when they first get their chair?

A. It depends on the dog. Some immediately benefit from their mobility back, others take time to get used to, and others may never feel comfortable. Give your dog plenty of time and introduce the chair slowly. If you are concerned, contact your veterinarian to discuss the best method of introduction for your dog.

How long can a dog be safely left in a wheelchair?

A. A dog can safely use his wheelchair for most of the day. However, there is no way for them to sit or rest while in one. As such, it’s important to take your dog out after a while and put him somewhere where he can relax comfortably.

What is the best dog wheelchair to buy?

Wheelchair Dog Top

K9 Carts Dog Wheelchair

What do you want to know: This chair is fully customizable to any breed of dog.

What you will love: Each chair is handcrafted to your specifications, but only takes three working days to ship once ordered. It is handmade in the USA and designed and rehearsed by veterinarians. By using aircraft-grade aluminum, it maintains its low weight and high durability.

What you should consider: It is among the most expensive chairs and larger chairs only cost more. A few consumers had issues with the screws coming loose – make sure you have a screwdriver.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Best dog wheelchair for the money

HobeyHove Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

HobeyHove Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

What do you want to know: This is designed for smaller breeds.

What you will love: It’s available in multiple sizes to help pets weighing 2 to 35 pounds with a detailed chart available that includes multiple dimensions so it’s easy to order the right size. Each chair is also adjustable and folds down for storage and travel and includes a carrying case.

What you should consider: Some customers have had trouble making adjustments, but this also makes the chair sturdy. Others struggled to get their dogs in and out.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Walking Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Large Dogs

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair for Large Dogs

What do you want to know: This is designed for larger breeds.

What you will love: Each size is designed to hold dogs from 70 to 180 pounds with leg heights of 14 to 30 inches and is available in blue, pink, and camo. Some dimensions are adjustable and it folds flat for transport and storage. The wheels are sturdy enough to be used on rough terrain.

What you should consider: It uses more plastic than aluminum, so it’s not as durable as other chairs. Some buyers have had issues with the hook-and-loop straps weakening quickly.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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