A Sunshine Coast resident recognized the moored ships, which still bear the original names on their prows, when he entered the port of Alexandria, Egypt.

When Michael Fearn entered the port of Alexandria, Egypt, he recognized two docked ships.

The Sunshine Coast resident took photos on August 21 and emailed this week to Coast Reporter Newspaper.

The original names are still on the ships – PacifiCat Explorer and although it is difficult to make out the second name in the photo, Fearn said it was the PacifiCat Discovery.

Fearn wrote: “We came to Alexandria in Egypt to get some things and I came across these.

“They are in very poor condition. Basically it looks like scrap metal.

Fearn said he didn’t expect to see old British Columbia fast ferries so far from their original home.

“What are the odds? It’s a big planet. And for me to meet them was quite a surprise.

In an email from Friday to Times ColonistFearn said: “I had gone to marine school in North Vancouver while they were being built and I have an affinity for them.

“It was sad to see them in the state they are in.”

Fearn works for Horizon Maritime in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is on the Horizon Enabler, a light construction vessel, which was in Egypt doing underwater work for another company. He finished his work in Egypt shortly after the photos were taken.

The vessel arrived in Portland, UK on Friday and will carry out work in Europe.

A trio of aluminum PacifiCats were built in British Columbia shipyards for service on BC Ferries routes between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

But the first two were only put into service briefly from 1999. Considered a reduction in travel time on the 95-minute journey, they were plagued with mechanical problems and left heavy wakes, and their construction budget soared to around $450 million.

The following year, the program was canceled and the third ferry, the Voyager, never entered service as a BC ferry.

The Washington Marine Group purchased the ferries and moved them to North Vancouver, where they sat before departing. It is unknown who owns both in Egypt.

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