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Ask any cook, and they’ll probably have a favorite kitchen tool (for me, it’s the My Dream OXO Salad Spinner), but it is quite difficult to achieve true perfection in a single article. Sold-out-everywhere Always Pan from our place gets closer, however; it has a cult following for its non-toxic materials, non-stick coating, vibrant colors and interlocking spatula, so when I heard about the brand’s follow-up the Perfect jarI was eager to see if this one cookware set could replace a whole fleet of pots and pans.

$165$125 to our place

Reasonably priced at $165 compared to comparable Dutch ovens and pots (it’s also currently on sale for $125), the Perfect Pot has a bunch of cool features that set it apart from other multipurpose cookware. It promises to do it all, and we mean it all – Our Place says it can “boil, crisp, bake, braise, roast, steam, strain, pour, serve, [and] It has a huge 5.5 quart capacity, is compatible with all kinds of stovetops, has a nestable design with a built-in pour spout, and it’s also super lightweight.

First impressions

When I received my Perfect Pot and unboxed it, I couldn’t wait to test it out with a variety of dishes and see if it could really deliver on all of its promises.

Our opinion on Place Perfect Pot

The Perfect Pot is quite large, but still suitable for small apartment kitchens. Photo: Hilary Pollack

Cast iron dutch ovens and heavy stockpots can be cumbersome, especially when a recipe calls for stovetop cooking that ends in the oven. The Perfect Pot’s aluminum body, however, reduces overall weight and reacts fairly quickly to changes in temperature – perfect for making, for example, crispy-skinned salmon, when the threat of burnt edges is just a matter of concern. of a few seconds. -high heat.

what was awesome

The non-stick coating is also really as good as they say – I actually implore you to try and get something to stick to the bottom of this pot. (Spoiler: It won’t.) Of course, as avid cooks know, sometimes you To do want that sticky touch, especially when searing meats and vegetables to create a delicious crust, thus leaving behind the good brown bits, otherwise known as fried bits, to develop a complex and flavorful dish, so this can be something to consider before buying. (Your font can handle this.)

Our Place Perfect Pot review - sautéing in the Perfect Pot

Stir-fry without sticking in the Perfect Pot. Photo of the author

The Perfect Pot’s domed lid is great for steaming and tacking fluffy rice that’s not too soggy or burnt. Cooking rice is my kryptonite, but get this – I recently figured this out, and I’m going to give the Perfect Pot lots of credit, because the water boils quickly and the offset lid provides a surprisingly tight seal, trapping all the heat and the steam you need to achieve the perfect texture. The strainer built into the spout is brilliant and makes draining rice and pasta ridiculously simple compared to disposing of a strainer in the sink.

Our Place Perfect Pot review - strainer in the perfect pot

The integrated strainer in the Perfect Pot. Photo by Hilary Pollack

For broths, soups, and one-pot dishes, I’ll probably never break out another old-fashioned stainless steel container again. I also loved the perfectly notched spoon that accompanies the pot and rests on its handles, as well as the roasting rack.

Our Perfect Pot Place review - making rice in the Perfect Pot

Make rice in the Perfect Pot. Photo of the author

If you’re on TikTok as much as I am, you might have noticed the trace of Emilie Mariko the breadcrumbs I left. The ultimate test for the Perfect Pot would be a fresh take on the viral leftover salmon and rice sensation I’ve been craving ever since I stumbled upon it. this infamous and much imitated clip. The result was really crispy skin (using the included roasting/steaming rack as a crisping rack was pretty ingenious) and fluffy jasmine rice that I drained straight from the pan using that built-in strainer practice.

Our Perfect Pot Place review - making salmon in the Perfect Pot

Perfectly crispy salmon skin. Photo of the author

Our Perfect Pot Place review - making salmon in the Perfect Pot

The viral salmon dish; I’m Emily Mariko now, sorry. Photo of the author

All in all, I made jammy fried eggs, Asian-inspired chicken lettuce cups, jasmine rice, and crispy-skinned salmon in my Perfect Pot, and it was all easy and delicious.

Our Place Perfect Pot Review - Asian Inspired Lettuce Cups

The resulting lettuce wraps. Photo of the author

The interior of the Perfect Pot is also incredibly easy to clean – grease just slides off and cleaning requires very little elbow grease. Cleanup was a snap, it rekindled my joy of cooking more adventurous meals on a weeknight, and the compliments from satisfied diners definitely sweetened the deal. If you want a colorful one (think millennial pink, lavender or really funky acid green) pot you’ve seen on Instagram that’s designed to do as much as possible in the smallest space possible, so definitely go for the Perfect Pot. You won’t be disappointed with the size or its capabilities.

What was tricky

The outer matte coating is a little harder to wash off, so if you’re prone to spills, you might want to consider a dark color choice. And if cool colors and providing an aesthetic backdrop to your #foodpics aren’t your priorities, there are cheaper options that will get the job done, like this one Cocotte Lodge it’s a fraction of the price, but they won’t have any of the shiny design elements and extra (but really useful) bells and whistles.

Another potential pitfall is that the Perfect Pot isn’t rated for temperatures above 425 degrees, which can be tricky if you find yourself heating up a lot with your cooking. But my biggest issue with the Perfect Pot is that the metal handles get hot, although the lid has a nifty rubber coating that lets you pick it up with your bare hands. (It’s not that bad when you have other items in your directory, but if it’s a big purchase for your budget, it’s an important thing to consider.)

TL; DR: Is the perfect pot worth it?

In short, the Perfect Pot is worth it [slams gavel]. It acts as an excellent sous chef for quick weeknight dinners or slow afternoon roasts that fill the whole house with umami aromas. If this is your first kitchen or if you live in a small apartment, then a matching Perfect Pot and Always Pan set may literally be all you need to feed yourself and a few friends on the reg. Plus, they’re aesthetic enough to display on your stovetop, and they won’t take up an entire shelf in your already overcrowded cabinets.

$165$125 to our place

So, was the Perfect Pot the one shiny kitchen utensil missing from my kitchen that was going to solve all my problems and cure my existential fear? No. But am I now going to get rid of a bunch of old, dented pots and pans that they can definitely replace? Yes, and you should too.

Happy daubing, potheads!

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