May 19, 2022

The R/V Shackleford is a 73’x26.7′ semi-displacement aluminum catamaran hull that was developed by Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design in Auckland, New Zealand. AAM Artist Rendering

All American Sailors (AAM) recently won the contract to build a 1,600 horsepower hydrographic research and survey vessel for Geodynamicsa NV5 the society. the Shackleford is a 73’x26.7′ semi-displacement aluminum catamaran hull that was developed by Nic de Waal of Technical designAuckland, New Zealand.

The new boat will have the fundamental and primary design elements of the recently commissioned Duke University Marine Laboratory Shearwater and Blue tide Puerto Ricoit is Blue Mantis. Both have been successful in their near-shore research environments, All American Marine said.

Main propulsion will come from two fixed-pitch propellers, powered by two caterpillar C18 “D” ACERT, Tier 3 engines, each developing 803 hp @ 2100 rpm ZF 665V offset gearboxes.

the Shackleford, named after the southernmost barrier island in the Cape Lookout National Seashore chain, will be built to USCG Subchapter T standards and operate primarily off the United States East Coast. The twin-engine speed and unique stability of this hull design are fundamental to Geodynamics’ continued expansion of its specialized near-shore/mid-shelf hydrographic and geophysical surveying operations; specifically tailored to serve the growing offshore wind sector.

This survey vessel incorporates Teknicraft Design’s combined symmetrical and asymmetrical hull form, a bow wave driller and a patented hydrofoil assisted hull design. The hull and hull components are designed to break wave action and provide reduced drag while improving passenger comfort. The design has been proven to have both low wakewash energy and increased fuel economy, AAM officials said. This advanced hull shape was custom designed using numerical modeling testing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis.

The vessel’s design provides all passengers and crew with a smooth and comfortable ride, as the hull provides a cushioned effect when encountering waves. For the operator, the most valuable feature of these vessels is fuel economy, which consumes approximately the same gallons per nautical mile throughout the estimated cruising speed of 18 to 24 knots, with operating speed fuel-efficient survey boat from 4 to 8 knots, fully loaded.

With a large fuel capacity of 1,500 gallons, the fuel-efficient design will hold up to 16 passenger days/eight on board plus three crew.

“Our ongoing goal is to meet the world’s toughest offshore survey specifications, whether for marine mapping or underwater exploration to support offshore wind development,” said Chris Freeman, managing director of the geodynamics and senior marine geologist in a statement. “So our model builds the boat around the ideal sensors, giving us the most accurate and repeatable data day in and day out. A larger, more stable, custom vessel will not only help us maintain our standards of high quality standards, but it will also help us achieve our goals of real-time data acquisition and processing transparency by comfortably accommodating our customer representatives.This new vessel will help Geodynamics provide an unrivaled platform for hydrospace solutions that will enhance our missions of safe navigation, coastal resilience and clean energy for our wide range of customers.

“All American Marine remains committed to being at the forefront of manufacturing techniques and an innovator by fusing the latest technologies into a functional, proven vessel,” said AAM President and COO Ron Wille. “We are delighted to have been chosen to build this vessel as part of Geodynamics’ growing fleet. This vessel will allow Geodynamics to take its business to the next level, provide unparalleled services and significantly expand its scientific activities on the East Coast. The vessel will also help advance the rapidly growing wind farm industry on the East Coast and beyond.