Vacuum cleaners are great for tidying up the house, but they usually can’t handle the large, coarse messes of a real workshop. [CraftAndu] currently building a sailboat and discovered that there was simply too much sawdust for a regular vacuum cleaner to pick up. So he built his own powerful vacuum cleaner capable of dealing with such conditions.

The heart of the construction is a giant 3.8 kW dust collector which is used as part of a workshop dust extraction system. This is the type you would normally use to vacuum dust from machine tools. It is then fitted with a long flexible hose that goes to the suction handle itself. The handle is made up of lengths of sewer hose and several adapters to snap everything together and connect to the flexible tube. It is also fitted with a set of wheels to allow it to be easily wheeled across the store floor.

It’s a nifty way to vacuum up all the light sawdust that collects around the workshop. However, [CraftAndu] notes that even with the 3.8kW extraction system powering it, it’s still quicker to use a broom for large debris like wood chips and the like.

A lot of people think sous vide projects suck, but we’ve always had a soft spot for them. Word game, and you will find the video after the break!