A general cargo ship inbound for Port Arthur, Texas, and a bulk carrier collided on August 21, causing major damage to both vessels.

AAccording to the US Coast Guard, the accident occurred in Sabine Pass. Namely, the 18,000 dwt general cargo ship Damgracht was arriving from Italy carrying a cargo of cement. The ship had been authorized to move from the anchorage where it had been for several days to the port.

During the inbound maneuver, a USCG spokesperson reported that an engine alarm had sounded on the vessel and that the engine shutdown had resulted in a loss of steering.

Just outside Port Arthur was the AP Revelin bunker. The bulk carrier had loaded a cargo of wood chips and was leaving for the port of Immingham in Great Britain.

The vessels were caught within the confines of the shipping channel and collided. The USCG reports that the bow of the Damgracht contacted the port district of the AP Revelin.

The freighter’s bow was damaged and the ship took on water, although the US Coast Guard reports that its pumps were able to handle the water.

AP Reveling suffered structural damage in the collision, and her owners reported in a stock market filing that the vessel suffered “significant property damage.”

They also believe that the damage will result in a significant loss of “uptime ship time”, while repairs are undertaken.

There were no injuries to the crew on board either vessel and no pollution in the waterway.

Both vessels remain in Sabine Anchorage while damage assessment is being carried out.