Every day, our editors collect the most interesting, vivid or enjoyable facts that appear in newspaper articles. Here are 72 from the past year that left us thinking.

1. Part-time NBA performers – contortionists, acrobats, Frisbee-catching dogs – typically make between $ 1,500 and $ 5,000 per show.
Time out for NBA halftime artists is costing them dearly

2. “And now here’s the host of ‘Jeopardy!’ … Alex Trebek! Is a phrase that Johnny Gilbert has said over 8,000 times during the Mr. Trebek series.
On the latest “Jeopardy! »By Alex Trebek, a last introduction from a friend

3. In December 2020, women lost 156,000 jobs in the United States and men gained 16,000, largely because women took on the additional caring responsibilities of the pandemic.
How Biden’s proposed paid leave would work

4. Approximately 50 million households began watching Season 1 of the “Cobra Kai” television series within the first four weeks of its availability on Netflix.
“Cobra Kai”: Hit first. Hit hard. Come back for more.

14. Before the pandemic, the net worth of a typical black family in America was one-tenth that of a white family, according to a study from the Brookings Institution.
To help black developers, programs start with access to capital

15. In museums, scale models – scale models of original artwork that are sometimes made of wood or cardboard – serve as replacements for pieces, allowing curators and designers to determine the layout of galleries.
The secret stuntmen of the art world

16. The Suez Canal connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and carries around 10 percent of the world’s maritime traffic.
Suez Canal blocked after giant container ship blocked

17. Over 100 unfinished instrumental pieces survive from Mozart’s last decade.
Music’s Most Dangerous Mission: To Finish Mozart

18. In the 1970s, the American Psychiatric Association adopted a rule saying that, without proper authorization, it was unethical for psychiatrists to give professional advice on the condition of a public figure.
Tweet from Yale psychiatrist about Dershowitz, his dismissal, and a lawsuit

19. A study collating decades of data found that nearly a third of all birds – three billion creatures – have gone extinct from North America in the past 30 years.
Christian Cooper on a new book that asks: Why are migratory birds going extinct?

20. Acomedido is what Mexicans call a mixture of awareness and action to see what tasks need to be done.
How do Mayan parents deal with temper tantrums?

21. Traditionally, a sugar tap produces about a gallon of sap, then 40 gallons of sap reduces to a gallon of syrup.
Maple syrup making has also exploded as a pandemic hobby

22. Adults spend up to 47% of their waking life letting their minds wander, according to a Harvard study that followed participants with an app.
Don’t stick your head out of the clouds!

23. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on April 9, 2021, made 22,219 solo public engagements in his lifetime.
How Prince Philip navigated the toughest corporate dress codes

24. Alfred Hitchcock was afraid of the dark, crowds and loneliness.
The Multiple Personalities of Alfred Hitchcock, Phobias, Fetishes and All

25. The United Nations estimates that there were around 95,000 centenarians in 1990 and over 450,000 in 2015. By 2100, they will be 25 million.
How long can we live?

26. In British parlance, the term “wet” means political correctness.
Interview with 25-year-old Princess Diana throws BBC into new storm

27. The longest game in professional baseball history – 33 innings – was played at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI, in 1981.
The PawSox has moved, but Pawtucket has not yet moved

28. In 2008, archaeologists in Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, found human remains from the 14th century BC with headdresses intact. Some had over 70 braids, with extra human hair to add length.
The joy of dark hair

29. In 1954, British magician David Berglas made a grand piano disappear from a London hotel banquet hall filled with guests.
The greatest card trick in the mystery of magic

35. There are approximately 4,500 licensed lobster fishermen in the state of Maine, and each fishing vessel is an independent operator.
Consider the $ 34 lobster roll

36. Digital mental health has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry and includes more than 10,000 applications, according to an estimate from the American Psychiatric Association.
Something bothering you? Tell Woebot.

37. Compulsive customer Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln, racked up huge debts that she tried to hide by forging bills and embezzling federal funds.
Raise the curtain on the Lincoln wedding

38. Naomi Osaka has become the highest-paid woman in sports, earning around $ 60 million in 12 months, according to Forbes.
Naomi Osaka speaks to media again, but on her own terms

39. More than 20 species of sharks live in the waters off New York and New Jersey.
Sharks are spotted off Long Island. Scientists say don’t panic.

45. The meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens recorded the highest temperature ever officially recorded in Greece on August 2: 46.3 degrees Celsius, or 115.3 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heat emergency leads to record high temperatures and fires in southern Europe

46. Shoemakers Cos Kyriacou and Gary Kazanchyan have made over 3,000 pairs of custom heels for singer Prince.
Shoe Obsession for the Ages: Prince’s Killer Collection of Custom Heels, Now Available

47. In the ice cream industry, slotting – the fee that must be paid to retailers to be placed on store shelves – can reach $ 40,000 per flavor.
The Ruthless World of $ 10 Ice Cream

48. Female giraffes appreciate bonds that last for years, according to research analysis. They have lunch buddies, stand guard over dead calves, and stay close to their mothers and grandmothers.
Giraffes can be as socially complex as chimpanzees and elephants

49. In 2019, the most recent year for which mortality data is available, black babies were more than twice as likely as white babies to die before their first birthday.
The Black Mortality Gap and a document written in 1910

50. A 2015 survey by the U.S. Energy Information Administration found that 30% of the country (roughly 35 million homes) could claim that at least two refrigerators “plugged in and turned on” in their homes at all times.
In the kitchens of the rich, things are not what they seem

51. Women make up 81.9% of all hosts at U.S. restaurants (and 81.2% of all hosts are white), according to a 2020 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Restaurant host is suddenly on the front lines of the Covid war

52. The Atlas, a humanoid robot designed by Boston Dynamics, includes software that contains only models of physical actions that the model can perform; the robot itself must calculate the force to be exerted through 28 hydraulic joints.
Could Boston Dynamics robots beat me in a fight?

53. Due to rising temperatures, parts of Britain which are not at all known for wine production are now producing sparkling wine, as in Roman times.
Change can happen to your favorite wines

54. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, about 20% of American adults have little or no credit history.
Still paying the rent? This can help your mortgage application.

55. In 1970, NFL kickers succeeded 59% of their field goal attempts; last season they made 85 percent.
It’s gone, and it’s… good? : Why teams don’t try longer goals in the field

56. Six years after Roe v. Wade by 1973, abortions had doubled to 1.5 million per year, nearly half the number of live births.
The epic life of the woman behind Roe v. Wade

61. In the 1970s, the average length of a murder in a state prison was seven to eight years. In 2018, he was 17 to 18 years old.
He is remaking criminal justice in LA but how far is he too far?

62. When giant hornets attack a colony of Asian bees, the bees raise their abdomen in the air and run, vibrating their wings. The noise may sound like a human scream.
I scream. You shout. The bees also cry.

63. Music festivals use multi-stage counter-programming, with fixed, overlapping schedules, to prevent the full force of a festival audience from crowding into one place at the same time.
Astroworld disaster reignites fears about the safety of music festivals

64. Investors now capture nearly one in six homes sold in America.
Will real estate ever return to normal?

65. The United States is home to 161 active or potentially active volcanoes, or about 10% of the world’s total.
When Kilauea erupted, a new volcanic playbook was written

66. A little over ten years ago, when New York’s mayor-elect Eric Adams was state senator, he orchestrated a campaign called “Stop the Sag”. His goal: to get men to stop wearing pants that seemed to slip over their underwear.
“Everything about you must say can”

67. Over the past 20 years, Australia has risen from 15th to 50th in the world for parliamentary gender diversity.
“Like fresh meat”: detailing the widespread sexual harassment in the Australian Parliament

68. The mechanism that allows us to find room for dessert after a big meal is called specific sensory satiety, which means that the body has different limits for different foods in order to ensure a balanced supply of nutrients.
Why you always have room for the pie

69. Up to $ 68.9 billion in products were stolen from retailers in 2019, according to an industry group.
Thefts, still a problem for retailers, are getting more brazen

70. French artist Henri Rousseau has often recounted how his period of service during Napoleon III’s intervention in Mexico inspired his paintings of the jungle. In fact, he played in an infantry fanfare and never left France.
What will art look like in the Metaverse?

71. In 1953, actress Lucille Ball testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, which invited her to register to vote as a member of the Communist Party in 1936 (as did her mother and brother). His appearance has been kept a secret.
“Being the Ricardos” review: kiss, fight, rinse, repeat

72. The megalodon, an ancient shark that went extinct 3.6 million years ago, was about 15 meters in length and is often referred to as the Tyrannosaurus rex of the seas (although its bite force, up to 41,000 pounds, or much more powerful).
“Jaws” is fiction. This show presents sharks as heroes under siege.