The world of superyacht ownership, and some areas of the yachting world in general, is largely male-dominated. From admirals and explorers of the past to countless Russian oligarchs who have recently had their assets seized, men tend to be depicted at the helm of superyachts and sailboats. However, the tides change.

Info-Link research tells us that, on average, men outnumber women seven times in registered boat owners globally, although this is not specific to superyachts. In the United States, Boat Trader recorded a 75% increase in boat sales to women in 2020. Their 2022 findings indicate that new boating demographics are 1.5 times more likely to be women than before the pandemic.

There are a number of extremely wealthy women who own some of the most famous superyachts in the world. The style of superyacht that women own tends to be different from the vessels chosen by their male counterparts, resulting in a greater emphasis on durability, roominess and comfort on board.

The type of woman who chooses to buy a superyacht ranges from best-selling authors to hedge fund managers to influential fashion designers and everything in between. Keep an eye out for these superyachts next time you’re in the Mediterranean.

JK Rowling – Arrival

47m Arriva was once owned by JK Rowling and was called Vajoliroja when owned by Johnny Depp who created the name by combining the first names of his former partner Vanessa Paradis and their two children Lily-Rose and Jack. It has a massive beam of 23 meters and a unique bohemian interior. She was built by Proteksan Turquoise Yachts in 2001 with interiors by Californian design house LM Pagano Design and exteriors by Tata Yacht Design.

JK Rowling bought Arriva from an American shipping tycoon for A$42.43 million after it was sold to her by Depp. Rowling reportedly fell in love with the ship, then named Amphitrite, when she chartered it with her husband Neil Murray and their two children.

Arrival | Source: Charterworld

Arriva can accommodate 10 people in five elegant suites. The design pays homage to the golden age of yachting when beautifully crafted vessels were the pride and joy of the rich and glamorous, and the Mediterranean offered the best summer lifestyle for celebrities, politicians and royalty alike. Hollywood.

She can reach a top speed of 14 knots and has a range of 2,787 nautical miles, making her perfect for a week-long expedition around the Riviera. Its beautiful living room and bedrooms are a mixture of Persian rugs and ruby-colored curtains. Exteriors are equally forgiving with plenty of deck space and quaint touches like starboard and port exterior walkways.

A helpful crew of nine undoubtedly makes guests feel very comfortable aboard this luxury vessel.

Arriva superyacht interiors
Arrival | Source: Charterworld

Wendy Schmidt – Elfje

Wendy Schmidt is a businesswoman and philanthropist married to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. She is heavily involved with the Schmidt Family Foundation and its 11th Hour project which partners with communities around the world to promote the protection of human rights, renewable energy and ocean health.

With this in mind, she bought Elfje, a 46-meter eco-yacht built by Royal Huisman. Wendy helms all her yachts and learned to sail in 2007 on a 14-meter sloop she bought at the suggestion of a friend, sailing it around Nantucket every day in her first summer as a yacht owner. yacht.

Sailing is a conversation with the wind. Sometimes it’s a wonderful conversation, and sometimes a scary conversation. At the helm, I found myself able to focus on something as small as a fraction of a degree, but as large at the same time. I found that really interesting.

Wendy Schmidt, Boat International

Exterior of superyacht Elfje
Elf | Source: Boat International

In 2015 the 46 meter ketch was built for Wendy Schmidt and it was immediately hailed as one of the most beautiful and graceful yachts in the world, winning 10 awards including two ISS Design Awards. Built by renowned Dutch company, Royal Huisman, she sleeps eight people in four beautiful suites and accommodates five crew members.

The massive 29-meter beam and teak main deck hide modern, luxurious interiors with a neutral palette and opulent fittings and furnishings. Built with a light but very strong aluminum hull and superstructure, she glides through the water at a respectable speed of 12 knots.

About Elfje’s design, Wendy, who owned an interior design business, told Boat International she loved the freedom people felt when they were on a yacht and Redman Whitely Dixon had been recruited to help with the interior design at his suggestion.

With Elfje, we have made intelligent use of space. We have planned it carefully. People do crazy things on boats, like putting bathtubs on. I understood what I needed, namely a very good internet connection and comfortable seats. One of my favorite design features on the boat is that everything you touch on the deck or inside has a soft edge.

Wendy Schmidt told Boat International

Deck aboard the superyacht Elfje
Elf | Source: Boat International

Elena Ambrosiadou – Maltese Falcon

As a personality and style statement, Elena Ambrosiadou’s superyacht is smart, fashion-forward and sophisticated. From her three DynaRig-designed 58-metre masts to her award-winning interior and exterior design by Ken Freivokh, Maltese Falcon stands out from the other yachts in the marina and is a notorious head-turner.

Elena Ambrosiadou comes from the traditionally male-dominated world of hedge fund managers and was previously England’s highest-paid woman.

On board his masterpiece, the design focused on a seamless connection between interior and exterior. The Maltese Falcon’s large exterior spaces that flow seamlessly into the interior are reminiscent of a motor yacht, yet it displays the nautical authenticity of a true sailing ship.

Special touches like the ability to install an outdoor cinema on the main deck, comfortable seating scattered throughout the vessel, and an attentive and experienced crew have made her a charter favorite.

Maltese Falcon superyacht exterior
Maltese Falcon | Source: The Maltese Falcon Yacht

Inside the yacht, finishes and materials are forgiving; leather, wood, steel and glass are used perfectly to ensure that those on board are constantly informed that this is one of the most beautiful sailboats in existence.

It is a meeting of the old and the new, of the traditional and the modern. A dedicated reading room, full-beam dining room and spacious saloon recall simpler times while the multiple sea toys and two tenders, including a 10-metre Pascoe Tender, are included when chartering the vessel, providing all the conveniences of a modern superyacht but in a classic and glamorous nautical setting.

Jacuzzi of the super yacht Maltese Falcon
Maltese Falcon | Source: Boat International

Diane von Furstenberg – EOS

Any superyacht owned by one of Europe’s most successful fashion designers and businesswomen has to be truly unique and display a higher level of chic. The 96-meter Bermuda-rigged three-masted schooner, EOS, is no exception. A glamorous vessel that is particularly grand for her style, EOS was built at German shipyard Lurssen Yachts in 2006 for Diana Von Furstenberg.

The Belgian designer would be able to make good use of EOS’ huge size and spacious suites, with the superyacht sleeping 16 and hosting a permanent crew of 21. The yacht appears to be designed to invite friends and contemporaries aboard an expedition and makes a great choice for someone in the fashion industry with her undeniably indulgent style.

Diane von Furstenburg's superyacht EOS
EOS | Source: Charterworld

Langan Design exteriors are as functional as they are stylish. A bold dark blue hull gives her exceptional presence in the water and the signature nautical color scheme of a teak deck against medium dark wood helps the yacht carve out a sleek silhouette and feel comfortable.

The open-aft main deck looks just as at home surrounded by other superyachts when docked or moored as it does on the open sea. The versatility of well-designed marine architecture puts EOS in another league of superyacht.

It’s no surprise that EOS exudes luxury, considering its owner was married to royalty for 14 years. She became a highly successful fashion designer with a powerful network of friends and industry associates, including influential Vogue editor Diana Vreeland.

Von Furstenburg enjoyed great success with her knitted jersey “wrap dress” which generated sales of $150 million in 1979. More recently, she helped establish the Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation which supports organizations nonprofit for community development, education, human rights, the arts, health, and the environment.

EOS | Source: Charterworld

In terms of power sources, many women owners of superyachts exclusively use wind power for propulsion and exciting advances are being made in the field of emission-free propulsion. Discover some of the latest industry advancements.