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All American to build new 50 ‘NOAA resea

July 28, 2020 For the operator, one of the vessel’s most valuable features is the excellent fuel economy. All US Navy renderings All American sailors (AAM) won the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) contract to build a 50-foot aluminum research catamaran for the National Marine Sanctuary on the Olympic Coast. The twin engine Engineering […]

Every person who became Lucifer’s vessel

While his most common ship is played by Mark Pellegrino, Supernatural‘s Lucifer has moved over the years, inhabiting several people. Supernatural was a show where Sam and Dean Winchester dealt with demons from the start, but in season 4 a game changer came with the introduction of angels into the mix. Castiel was the first […]

Northern Offshore Services increases its...

Northern Offshore Services (NOS) has acquired two Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) from Sure Wind Marine Limited. The CTV SURE Diamond and SURE Dynamic are renamed M / V Master and M / V Mariner and will be part of the M-Class series, which now has four vessels. Source: Northern Offshore Services According to NOS, the […]

Lynx Yachts YXT 24 Evolution Support Ves...

The second hull in the Lynx Yachts YXT 24 Evolution support vessel series Deer Shadow was delivered. This comes after the fully customized 27.3m motor yacht was launched at a small ceremony in March this year. Sold in June 2018, Deer Shadow features an exterior design penned by Bernd Wheel Design. The interior is designed […]