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The warm weather has arrived and it’s the perfect time to decorate your windowsill with a vibrant accent. Explore our guide to learn more about growing gorgeous, edible delights in planter boxes, and browse a list of the best boxes to discover the right one to elevate your spaces to new heights.

What can you grow in your window box planter?

Your imagination can really run wild when it comes to choosing a suitable choice for your window box planter. Everything from whimsical seasonal flowers to tasty produce and fragrant herbs to faux greenery can be added to your boxes. The options are endless, from annuals and perennials like begonias, petunias, marigolds, peonies and marigolds to herbs like basil, cilantro, chives, mint and thyme. Examine your space to determine what you want and invest in a range of quality gardening tools for your plants.

What to Know About Window Box Planters Before You Shop

Learn the basics of soil drainage
Make sure your planter has holes in its basin. Containers can be purchased with the holes pre-cut or you can add them before filling the planter. Take the time to research the best materials to anchor your plants with healthy soil and fine gravel or stones to ensure good water drainage. Add a two to three inch layer of gravel or pebbles to the bottom of the pot before pouring in soil and placing flowers. This allows water to properly filter through the soil, gravel mix and drainage holes. Skipping this step can lead to inadequate drainage and excess water. This essential step prevents overwatering and decreases the risk of plant root rot and bacterial infections.

Material issues and style considerations
There are a variety of planter boxes to explore. You can opt for classic wood, timeless copper, galvanized metal, sturdy cast iron, natural clay or even basic plastic. Whatever you decide, it’s important to evaluate the look you want to achieve and the proposed budget for the project. Decide if you want to add boxes in your exterior kitchen windows, your backyard patio, your yard fence, the kitchen windowsill, or another interior space like an office or den. Knowing the ideal location will influence your decision on planter box material and style.

Are you a jack of all trades and enjoy putting together home projects? If so, check out our DIY planters to enhance your outdoor decor if you want to create your own planter!

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Best Copper Planter Box

Evergreen Garden Hanging Planter

  • does not include drainage holes

Whether you’re looking to grow small flowers or herbs, the timeless hue of copper complements any arrangement. It is well suited for displays inside or outside your home.


Best budget window box planter

August Grove Polypropylene Planter with Leadore Window

  • weather/rust resistant
  • drainage holes are included

If you’re looking for planters that value utility over style, add this durable plastic planter to grow everything from peppers to tomatoes and herbs to wildflowers.


Best Galvanized Planter Box

Galvanized resin planter

  • includes drainage holes
  • fade resistant/UV protection
  • 1 year limited warranty

Pull out all the stops with this farmhouse-style galvanized planter. Its sturdy, lightweight design makes it ideal for window sills and patio rails.


Best Faux Clay Window Box

Garden Treasures Plastic Planter Planter

  • waterproof
  • very large capacity
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • does not include drainage holes

Are you looking for an economical window box that looks like natural clay? Add this durable and sturdy resin planter to your window or patio railings. It is the perfect container for displaying a variety of plants.


Best Wooden Window Box Planter

Decorative wooden planter for window

  • lightweight design
  • includes drainage holes
  • no assembly required

This 100% natural fir planter is capable of holding plenty of soil and flowers. The versatile pick can hold soil and plants directly for new arrangements or you can group an assortment of individual flower pots together.


Best Value Metal Flower Pot Set

Set of 2 plant pots with coconut shell liner

  • rust resistant
  • sturdy basket frames
  • indoor/outdoor use
  • does not include UV protection

Isn’t that a nice pair? The traditional set of metal planters is suitable for most plants. Use them to display live flowers, succulents, cacti or even artificial plants.


Best Value Self Watering Window Box

Self-watering planter

  • no assembly required
  • self-watering function
  • does not include UV protectors

Add a bright note to your space with this self-watering planter. The economy selection is ideal for low-maintenance houseplants and herbs in a variety of spaces around your home.


Best Textured Window Box Planter

Taupe Plastic Planter

  • indoor/outdoor use
  • weatherproof
  • does not include drainage holes

Opt for a textured planter made from a mixture of recycled plastic, stone dust and wood dust. The 100% recycled container is lightweight and ultra durable.


Best Colorful Planter Box

Wooden Planter with Mexican Talavera Tiles

  • indoor/outdoor use
  • weather-treated pine wood
  • does not include drainage holes

Art lovers will love this multifunctional decorative planter with handmade tiles framed on a natural wooden box. It can be used as a planter or storage box and drainage holes can be added on request.


Best Indoor/Outdoor Window Box Planter

Self Watering Resin Planter Box

  • self-watering function
  • weatherproof
  • includes drain holes and a removable rubber stopper
  • indoor/outdoor use
  • does not include UV protectors

This elegant, nature-inspired planter looks great on windowsills and railings. It is a lightweight and durable blend of stone composite and resin.


Plastic Planter Set for Best Value Planters

Flower Window Box Planters, Set of 5

  • includes 6 drainage holes and a removable tray
  • very durable
  • does not include UV protectors

Stretch your dollars with this economical set of window planters. Use them anywhere, from your porch to your backyard patio. They are also suitable for indoor use.


Best Luxury Window Box

Espresso Resin Self Watering Window Box

  • self-watering function
  • built-in UV inhibitors/fade resistant
  • 15 year residential warranty

Are you looking for a planter that is light, impact resistant and nice to look at? This classic design is the right choice for your lush greenery all year round!

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