The method of travel in anime is just as important as the journey itself. For characters dedicated to a lifelong mission, being able to travel in comfort or pilot an out-of-this-world machine can be worth it. Whether it’s traversing the continent in a giant robot or traveling through time with an artifact, animated journeys are filled with magical and scientific wonder.

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As the protagonists continue their adventures filled with wonder and danger, sometimes the way they travel makes the whole trip magical. Whether these protagonists travel by land, air, or sea, transportation in the world of anime will always leave fans wishing they could come too.

ten Instant Travel: Teleport

Whether by transport crystals as in the world of Sword Art Onlinea magic door that leads to a Restaurant from another world, or a twisting quirk like Kurogiri’s in My hero academia, the ability to teleport is one of the coolest in anime.

No longer having to depend on walking or public transport, teleportation is definitely one of the easiest methods of getting from place to place. Not to mention that travel is usually instantaneous – no need to worry about being late again.

9 Sensitive vehicles: Hermès the talking motorcycle

After having watched Kino’s journey, any anime fan will be filled with wanderlust and the itch to set off on their very own road trip. However, one thing that makes Kino’s travels special is his trusty Brough Superior motorcycle, as it has a major personality in more ways than one.

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Not only is Kino’s motorcycle beautiful machinery, but it also has the ability to talk. Kino’s motorcycle, Hermès, is his trusted companion on his travels around the world. Any road trip fan should have their own sentient motorcycle as a companion on the road.

8 Travel the world one giant leap at a time: Mechas

The anime mecha world is filled with various giant robotic machines. Typically, the protagonists will use their giant armors to fight their enemies. However, fans can’t deny the desire to explore the world one big robotic step at a time.

piloting Gundams to the operation of Silloute Knights of Knights & Magic, these fighting machines are an awesome way to travel from place to place. Fans will just have to keep an eye out for any other giant robots that might get in their way.

seven Set sail on the high seas: the Thousand Sunny

The world of A play is filled with various ships that travel the world by sea. Admittedly, traveling by boat might not be the most original way to travel the anime world, but fans can’t deny the Thousand Sunny’s magnetic pull. Built from Adam Wood, the Thousand Sunny is already a powerful and sturdy ship.

However, with Franky’s state-of-the-art Soldier Dock System and Coup de Burst, everything A play fan would love to board the ship of the future Pirate King.

6 Travel with a mythical friend: the dragons

In any fantasy anime, traveling on a magical creature is a staple mode of transportation, and any fan would love to try it. However, flying through the sky on the back of a fire-breathing dragon can take the cake.

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Fans want to ride on the back of Spirited away Haku or be a Dragon Pilot as in Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan, these scaly creatures would make the best travel companions. But, of course, if fans asked Natsu Dragneel, he’d say dragons aren’t transportation but his friends. Nonetheless, traveling by dragon is a fantastic way to see the world.

5 A blurry forest bus: Catbus

For fans of Studio Ghibli, the Catbus is one of the most fantastic means of transport in all of Miyazaki’s films. First introduced in My neighbor Totoro, Mei and Satsuki encounter the feline automobile at a bus station in the rain.

At first glance, the Catbus looks like a giant cat. However, the Catbus is actually hollowed out with seats and windows for potential passengers. With his twelve legs, his lighthouse-like eyes and his Cheshire smile, who wouldn’t want to take this mystical bus and start a great adventure?

4 Swinging Around the Horizon: Maneuvering Equipment

The attack of the Titans Maneuver gear can be used primarily for escaping Titans and attacking monsters, but it’s still an impressive form of transportation. Maneuvering equipment is designed as a body harness that provides its user with full 3D mobility. With grappling hooks and wires, members of the Survey Corps can use the equipment to move freely through the sky.

Admittedly, the equipment isn’t as useful in large open terrain but for moving around an urban city from building to building; shunting equipment is definitely the way to go.

3 Soar through the sky: fly

With the ability to feel the breeze in your hair and being able to see the world from a bird’s eye view, flying is a fantastic way to travel. Like Yuno’s ability to fly at exhilarating speeds using her wind magic in the world of black clover or Sanji’s Sky Walking technique which allows him to run across the sky one step at a time in A play.

The ability to take off into the air is a form of travel almost anyone might want to try; just be sure to watch out for unexpected traffic.

2 Watch Stars on a Spaceship: Edens Zero

Space travel in anime has always been one of the most incredible ways to view the universe. Whether the protagonists are simply traveling through the stars or hopping from planet to planet, starships are the way to travel.

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For fans of Eden Zero, Shiki’s ship of the same name is perhaps the best way to explore the cosmos. Its immense size, technology and robotic companions make it the perfect ship for fans on their next adventure.

1 Portal to a Familiar World: Time Travel

One of the most remarkable means of transportation is the ability to time travel, just like of Inuyasha Kagome was able to travel to the past through the Bone Eater’s Well or how Lucius is able to use a portal in a bath to travel from ancient Rome to present-day Japan in Thermae Romae Novae.

The ability to jump from one moment to another by simply jumping through a portal provides an easy start to a miraculous adventure through time that fans are eager to try.

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