The titular protagonist of naruto series has always had greatness in its destiny. Having been imbued with Kurama shortly after birth, he gained access to one of the most powerful super weapons in the entire world. However, many shinobi could have handled the Kyūbi better than Naruto.

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Whether they had more control over his powers or better opportunities to use them, these masters of the discipline could have used Kurama much sooner. Regardless of intent, these shinobi would have mastered the use of Nine-Tails with ease.

ten Killer Bee got along well with the Eight Tails

Killer Bee has shown mastery over his own Tailed Beast, and at a much younger age than Naruto. The moment he met Sasuke in the Cloud Village, he used the Eight-Tails so seamlessly that they practically fought as one unit.

Considering Bee was experienced enough to teach Naruto Kurama, it follows that he would be able to wield the power of Nine-Tails himself even better. It might not complement his fighting style quite as gracefully, though he can adapt to make things work.

9 Ibiki was very disciplined

Ibiki was one of the most hardened shinobi in the Leaf. As the village’s resident inquisitor and proctor of Chunin Exams, he understood the psychology of the enemy better than anyone. This means that he would be able to figure out Kurama faster than Naruto ever did, which would make him easier to deal with from there.

Given Ibiki’s intense resilience and willpower, Kyūbi is also unlikely to overcome his body as he has done many times with Naruto in the past. Given Ibiki’s iron will, Kurama would never be let go again.

8 Minato has experience with Kurama’s chakra

Besides being a kage-level ninja, Minato is one of the only shinobi in history to have tasted Kyūbi’s chakra. He imbued half of it into himself before he died so that Naruto wouldn’t be overwhelmed in his childhood.

During the Fourth Shinobi War, Minato showed his ability to use Kurama’s power despite not being a Jinchuriki himself. Had he assumed the full force of Nine-Tails’ power, chances are he could have wielded it even more brilliantly than his son.

seven Tsunade’s healing properties would be a huge plus

There are dozens of reasons why Tsunade would be a more suitable vessel for Kurama than Naruto. For example, her healing properties ensure that even when she is about to lose control, she can restore any damage inflicted on her body.

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As a medical kunoichi, Tsunade’s world-class chakra accuracy also ensures that she will make the most of Kurama’s power. Additionally, her blood connection to Hashirama suggests that she would be more capable of sealing Kyūbi if necessary, especially if trained to do so once she inherits her power.

6 Yamato has experience controlling Kurama.

Yamato was unlike any of Orochimaru’s other experiences. Imbued with Hashirama’s chakra, he displayed remarkable mastery of wood release and even accompanied Naruto on his travels. The purpose of the captain’s soul was to seal Kurama, should he ever come to the surface.

If Yamato received Kurama himself, he would be able to practice his power safely knowing that he could lock him away at any time. Yamato may not share Naruto’s exceptional lineage, though his training with the Anbu ensures that he will put the Kyūbi to best use in Konoha.

5 Kabuto overpowered Jutsu to better contain Kurama

By the end of the series, Kabuto’s extensive knowledge of jutsu made him nearly invincible. He adapted the powers of the Sound Four, Kimimaro, and even a handful of tricks from his former member, Orochimaru.

Although Kabuto struggled with Kyūbi at first, he would be better able to perfect it if he hooked up with Hashirama Cells. Considering what Orochimaru did for Danzo and Yamato, it would only be a matter of time before Kabuto got his hands on them and integrated them into his body.

4 Madara has already asked Kurama to do whatever he wants

Although foreseeing a decidedly darker future, Madara could overpower Kurama better than Naruto in the short term. He used his incredible jutsu to enslave the beast to his will, turning his absolute fury on Hashirama and the Leaf Village.

While Kurama hates Madara for using him as a weapon, the shinobi’s iron will ensures that his victim’s opinion remains inconsequential. Considering Kurama didn’t turn against him throughout his fight with the First Hokage, Madara could use him faster and more effectively than Naruto ever did.

3 Kushina was Kurama’s former hostess

Considering Kushina has kept Kurama inside her for years without incident, it stands to reason that she’s a much better user than Naruto. There were rarely times when she almost lost control except when attacking Konoha.

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Since Kushina spent most of her childhood professionally trained as a Jinchuriki, she has better qualifications to use Kurama than Naruto. Additionally, the village members trusted her much more as they knew she had the courage to control Kyūbi’s enormous power. Kushina’s only flaw is that she’s not as natural a fighter as Naruto.

2 Danzo’s infusion of Hashirama cells would be a massive boon

Danzo’s Hashirama Cells may be meant to control the Izanagi, though they have a second property that would make them completely invaluable. This means that if he were to become Kurama’s next host, he would be able to seal him whenever it didn’t suit him.

Additionally, Danzo could use his sharingan to rewrite the realities where Kurama escapes and forcibly regain control in dire straits. However, he must be careful not to overexert himself in battles, as the Cell Transplant proved volatile in his duel with Sasuke.

1 Hashirama would be a perfect match for Kurama

Many indications suggest that Hashirama is the best possible host for Kurama. A skilled master of seal hunting, he has already proven himself capable of defeating the Nine-Tailed Fox in his fight against Madara. His wood release is a fantastic asset for this purpose, especially when combined with his background as a shinobi god.

Additionally, Hashirama is a reincarnation of Naruto himself, but with more experience and wisdom. This means that he would effectively have the same relationship with Kurama as Naruto did, though he possesses better ways to contain it.

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